Control immigration

When, in the fourth century, the Roman Empire fell to the barbarians, the civilized world was plunged into a darkness that would last hundreds of years. As chronicled by Edward Gibbon, the decadent and corrupt empire unsuccessfully opposed the invasion by fierce military action, but to no avail; the barbarians breached the gates of Rome and brought an end to a thousand-year reign.


It was not until the Renaissance that Western civilization experienced its’ meteoric resurrection. This resurgence of knowledge and prosperity was achieved at great cost and justly earned history’s homage. Unfortunately, today, instead of veneration, the fruits of this great leap forward are loathed and are being eclipsed by an unrelenting drive to reject nationalism.

Instead, the notion that no one culture is superior to another is exalted.

Rather than resist the invasion by those who would render us indistinguishable from all other countries, we have thrown our doors wide open and issued gushing invitations to the world’s masses to come into our national home. Come they have, and in massive numbers, but instead of embracing the genius of our Founders’ ideas of self-governance, they have brought with them their own laws and beliefs that are antithetical to everything it means to be American.

Make no mistake: The sentiment of the waves of illegals flooding our southern border mirrors that of La Raza, that most of the western United States was stolen and that they squat on their own lands when they come north.

Meanwhile, refugee Muslims demand that sharia law co-exists with, or substitutes for, the rule of law based upon our Bill of Rights. These concerns pale when compared to the terror and death dealt by radical theology and Latin drug cartels.

One would argue that migration in the past is no different than today.

Past waves of immigrants, however, came specifically because of our message of liberty and the singularly unique idea that “we the people” control our own destiny by virtue of self-governance. Hence, they integrated, mingled and transformed to become Americans.

Today, mass migration — fueled by our largesse — brings mostly the illiterate, unskilled and extraordinarily fertile who are disinterested in the message, unable to comprehend the dream and mostly interested in escaping the poverty and oppression of their countries of origin. Thus, they remain loyal to their original country. They live in insular communities where like-minded immigrants practice their own cultures and continue to speak their native tongues. They quite literally live parallel to and distanced from the values of their new neighbors.

Unfortunately, it seems the die is cast. There is no appetite for resistance because political correctness and all that it means punishes anyone who dares point it out. If we lose our national soul and choose to ignore the echoes of our beginnings, the arc of history will chronicle our own decline and prove yet again that mankind forgets too easily and puts down the torch when he is satiated, slothful, and apathetic.

Empathy for and solidarity with the downtrodden is considered noble. However, a carte blanche immigration policy, illegal or not, is national suicide.

Gary B. Williamson, M.D.

North Augusta, S.C.



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