Rants section odious

Among the first things I do each morning is to sit down and read The Augusta Chronicle. This has been a habit of mine for many years. I’ve had a question dying to be asked of the paper, but thought it probably not worth the effort.


Now I find that I need to find out why a respectable, widely read newspaper would waste space on a column called Rants and Raves.

It consists solely of a worthless spewing of opinions ranging from political to descending into squabbles between neighbors, or who knows where to find the best fast-food restaurant! There is no requirement to sign one’s name to these pieces of inconsequential babble.

Rants and Raves can be avoided by just ignoring it, but it seems to me that it is like tacking a shredded hem on a lovely dress. It’s ugly and unnecessary! A real Opinion page is a necessity for a newspaper’s credibility, whereas a column like Rants and Raves is equivalent to putting a Facebook page in the paper, and we have no way to not “like” it!

Perhaps a more appealing way to fill that space in the Metro section could be found that would have local interest, and Rants and Raves could be relegated to online sites, or deep-sixed.

Molly C. Gray

Aiken, SC



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