Get to work, Congress!

Lately, there have been many letters taking President Trump to task for his perceived failure to fulfill his campaign promises.


The true failure here is that of the elected senators and representatives to do the jobs that we the people elected them for. Unfortunately, many of these Republicans-in-name-only and their Democrat accomplices are globalists and members of organizations dedicated to globalist ideology.

In many cases, the media also are owned and operated by globalists. Their objective is one world government in which national sovereignty will become a thing of the past.

I wish to make it patently clear that this is not a conspiracy. This has been going on gradually for many decades but is now picking up speed. The Constitution is a legal document, not a living document. Our Founding Fathers designed it by the grace of God to protect us from ourselves.

Unfortunately, America has lost much of its early morality. Now, many judges find things in the Constitution that do not exist. Not only that, but these very same judges intentionally fail to adjudicate existing laws. They willfully ignore them by legislating according to their own bleeding-heart liberal views.

I would demand that all officials do the job for which we the people elected them. Surely. Obamacare can be repealed and replaced by a plan so innovative in scope and low costs that everyone will be benefitted, and insurance companies will vie with one another for customers. This also could be done with the rest of the planks of President Trump’s platform.

I would urge all of our elected officials to remember the old adage “United we stand, divided we fall.” Remember, the United States is a constitutional republic – not a democracy, which tends toward socialism.

God bless America!

Roger Eden


The writer is a retired U.S. Army sergeant major.



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