Avoid going ‘nuclear’

Thank you for your endeavors in promoting freedom of speech and expression.

Recently, the term “nuclear option” has permeated the media. I hope this “option” will be restrained to our country’s fickle political endeavors only!

The 1950s civil defense social guidance film Duck and Cover, featuring Bert the turtle, was enough to scare the pants off me!

Lane Williams


Dee STAFFORD 6 months ago
If the letter writer is talking about the potential conflict with North Korea, we may not have any feasible option. The nutcase in NK will leave us no choice because he cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons with a deliverable means.

This is the most dangerous time in our history because we are facing a paranoid nut who very well use nuclear weapons..  We are on the brink of a nuclear war.
Maurine Meleck 5 months ago
I wonder how come our country has been the only one EVER in the world to toss some nuclear bombs on other people.  Kind of makes you wonder and say Huh?
B. M. Michales 6 months ago
Lane, if you were that worried then you may want to lock yourself in your house and cut off all the news. The situation with N K will not get any better and very likely will end up very badly.
Jim Hall 6 months ago
Yes, and the fear of nuclear war with the USSR gave them power over us for decades.  A lot of lies about their potential threat.  Propaganda from both the USA and the USSR.   After WWII, these two powers ruled  the world under threat of total annihilation.   Think about.

Duck and Cover at school.  Bomb shelters in the backyard.  Public bomb shelters with "empty" olive drab water barrels.   Second generation mutant children and animals.   In  the USA.  Politicians, not military.

Cries of war mongering Americans at the  doorstep of Moscow.  In the USSR.  Politicians not military.

Was it ever real?  Or did the politicians present just another act in a play of world domination?   The end of WWI set the stage for WWII.  The end of WWII set the stage for China, N. Korea and instability in the eastern Europe and the Middle East.  Constantly redrawing maps and defining the borders of conquered states.

Do we want to admit that we are simply ploys in an evil game?  No.
Val White 6 months ago

The nuclear option does have two meanings in today's world.

Looks like freedom of speech and expression are being chipped away at an accelerated rate.  It's beginning to look like we have two choices - fight or give in to the left.

It doesn't just apply to what's happening to the freedoms slipping away from conservatives, but apply equally to dealing with our foreign enemies.

Many of our enemies have been emboldened by the failure to take action to curtail their build up of armies and weapons. 

Looks like we will have two wars to fight, the one here at home for the preservation of our Constitution and the one to keep our country and its citizens safe and secure.  Both causes are made difficult by those in America who want neither. 

Jerry Whitcomb 6 months ago
Well Lane....from your letter I cannot determine which you fear most. Us using the nuclear option on somebody.....or North Korea and Iran using the nuclear option on us. 

Whichever it is, just remember that the term "nuclear option" is not a recent thing. It was brought to you by the Democrat Harry Reid when the Democrats used the nuclear option to stack the federal courts with liberal judges.


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