Here’s how we got here

This is my very brief summation of the chronology of how we got to our current state of affairs as regards national politics. I know there’s more to it than this but these are, I think, sufficient segments of the story for most to understand how it went. It starts way back in the Clinton administration …


Bill and Hillary Clinton fill the government with liberal partisans and Democrat hardliners.

Bush does little about it, instead trying to “get along.”

Barack Hussein Obama builds on the Clintons’ infection of the government with even more and more Democrat loyalists, this time many radical left-wingers.

Multiple scandals occur and are covered up:

IRS targeting of the Tea Party and its cover-up

Gun running (Fast and Furious) and its cover-up

Solyndra scandal and its cover-up

Obamacare lies and its cover-up

Benghazi and its cover-up

Clinton Foundation and its cover-up

Clinton e-mails/national security violations and its cover-up

DNC political dirty tricks and its cover-up

Obama administration spying on Trump and its cover-up

The mainstream media are 95 percent invested in the Clintons and Obama. At this point, none of them thought Trump would win.

Trump wins.

Obama and Clinton see how vulnerable they will be with Trump in office and Trump appointees in charge of the DOJ, IRS and all the national security agencies. For their own survival, they recognize they must discredit him and drive him from office.

The Russia “scandal” is created as a diversion to the real facts emerging and is reported to obsession with the media and Democrat politicians who recognize their vulnerability.

Trump starts to learn about all the Democrat skeletons, including laws broken/national security violations.

Trump tweets that Obama wiretapped his campaign.

Democrats and the media scramble to cover up the spying using the invented “Russia collusion” as their means of distraction from real issues. They must get rid of Trump and his appointees, or suffer the consequences of all their misdeeds being made public, and probable prosecution of the guilty parties. To make it all worse, he’ll be making Supreme Court nominations, trying to get more (dreaded) conservatives on the high court.

That’s where we are today, folks, and how we got there, at least the way I think it happened.

If you disagree, what do you think explains it?

Tom Taber




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