Slavery sadly continues

With all of the protests over naming public edifices to honor whites who in some way were connected to the issue of slavery, those protesters should perhaps disavow their African heritage (if any), since slavery has been and still is practiced in Africa. That can be confirmed with minimal research.

African states have played a key role in the slave trade. Slavery was already a common practice among sub-Saharan Africans long before the involvement of the Arabs, Berbers (North Africans) and Europeans. There were three types: those who were slaves through conquest; those who were slaves due to unpaid debts; or those whose parents gave them as slaves to tribal chiefs. The prisoners and captives who were sold, writes author and minister Henry Epps Jr., “were usually from neighboring or enemy ethnic groups.” At times, kings and chiefs would also sell criminals into slavery.

The transatlantic slave trade was officially abolished about two centuries ago, but according to the most recent Global Slavery Index, more than 6 million people in Africa continue to live under slavelike conditions, many of them in the sub-Saharan region.

D. Michael Taylor

Graniteville, S.C.

Val White 8 months ago

The democrats will never admit the truth about slavery.  It was wrong, but it's time black persons learned that Americans were not the first to own slaves, the Americans did not go searching for them through Africa.  They were offered by other Africans and even their own families.  So isn't it time the politicians stopped using Americans as whipping posts..

And isn't it time black persons stopped listening to the democrats' baloney they use just to keep them government dependent and voting for them. 

Dee STAFFORD 8 months ago
Michael, You have just written an accurate non-PC missive that will cause arrhythmia to any liberal/progressive/statist who reads it because they have never willingly heard, much less accepted, that part of history.

In their eyes they fail to see or believe because it does not put the white man as the prime instigator nor does it indicate that without America and its history there would never had been slavery.

The truth is: The United States of America has done more for the black race than any country in the world.
B. M. Michales 8 months ago
Many blacks are slaves to the dumocratic party. The dumocrats come to black neighborhoods when they want votes, then keep blacks down by making the blacks depend on government handouts and give away programs instead of helping blacks get off these programs and make them self sufficient. Government handouts are a form of slavery.
Angie Hicks 8 months ago
It's just a matter of time before someone on the left claims that all the racist Democrats switched parties in anger after the Civil Rights Act was passed.  That really makes sense. What was the thinking?  "I'm so angry that the Civil Rights Act was passed that I'm going to join the party that overwhelmingly passed it."
Roland SASSER 8 months ago
Slavery is alive and well, but you'll never hear that from black Democratic leaders such as Sharpton or Jackson. My question for black people is what exactly did the previous administration do to improve your lives? The only thing I can think of is Obama phones and more of you on welfare, and that's not much. Mr. Michales is correct in that most blacks remain slaves to the Democratic Party. Do you ever hear the Democratic Party espousing the virtues of no children until marriage and staying in school until graduation? I believe the single most destructive element among blacks is the total breakdown of the family unit which relegates too many blacks to a form of slavery known as poverty which for most there is no escape.
B. M. Michales 8 months ago
Very good points about what you DON'T hear from the dumocrats. 75 % of black kids come from a home with no male parent.
Vic mccoy 8 months ago
This will never happen.  Just keep your ear close to the ground when several black folks get together.  It's worse than you think.
Jim Hall 8 months ago
There are many types of chains.  Steel, monetary, social, willful ignorance, apathy, addiction and misinformation just to name a few.  These chains are not unique to Africans.

Braking off these chains requires a positive willful desire and action to be free.

Being free within one's self is the beginning.  Are you a slave or not?  Then the responsibility for yourself becomes yours.  Do you want to be free?

To know GOD is to know one's worth in HIS creation.
Jerry Whitcomb 8 months ago
Slavery is ANCIENT history. Blacks citing slavery for their condition is like the Mexicans blaming their standard of living on the Spaniards. Well.....yeh it happened....but it ain't the problem.
Roy Whitley 8 months ago
Don't let the washington post, new york times, National Enquirer, abc, cbs, cnbc, cnn, msnbc or nbc hear you speak of such heresy. They'll call you a Russian.
Tom Golden 8 months ago
Yes, it's completely baffling. Why aren't more people protesting all of the edifices in America that honor African slave traders? We need more insightful observations like this. 

chas cushman 8 months ago
and whom would those 'edifices' be?
Angie Hicks 8 months ago
To my knowledge there aren't any, and I'm sure that was the try to make a false equivalency.
chas cushman 8 months ago
The dumocrats and many black leaders have taught blacks to use slavery as a victim card.
Tom Golden 8 months ago
It was the LTE that made the false equivalency. I simply pointed it out.
Angie Hicks 8 months ago
No...they sure didn't. They make no mention of edifices in America that honor African slave traders. Not one.  That false equivalency was only made by you.
Tom Golden 8 months ago
The false equivalency is between the "public edifices to honor whites who in some way were connected to the issue of slavery" and the "African heritage."

A true equivalency would be between edifices named after such whites, and edifices named after such Africans. 

The false equivalency of the LTE is analogous to saying a Penn State grad shouldn't protest a building named after Sandusky, unless they are willing to renounce their alma mater, because other Penn State grads have molested children. It's a false argument.

Angie Hicks 8 months ago
I you meant "African heritage" but your fingers typed "edifices in America that honor African slave traders." Makes sense.
B. M. Michales 8 months ago
Should we blame all blacks because some are pimps and force white girls into sexual slavery? No. Slavery was wrong. Slavery was a long time ago and I have never owned a slave. Don't blame me move on.
William O. Darby 8 months ago
There is not a  race nor an ethnic group on the planet that, if you dig deep enough, cannot find and ancestor who was a victim of slavery.

What we see from the socialist left in the United States is a political crutch, used to influence elections and "buy" votes.

Time to grow up and move on!
Tom Golden 8 months ago
The idea, such as with the ongoing Calhoun controversies, that we would hold an individual responsible for their racist actions is troubling for some people. 

It can be comforting to believe that it is the society, not the individual, that is racist. It allows a person to continue to believe that their racism is not something they are personally responsible for, but simply an inevitable consequence of their historical -- or present day -- context. 

If a person can then extend the racial society idea to other societies, then they have developed yet another layer of denial of their own individual responsibility for their own individual racism. 

It is true that societies can be racist, and it is true that for most of us, our racism is something our society trained us to be. However, it is also true that we are individually responsible, when we have matured into functional adults, for our own thoughts and attitudes.

Holding the mature individual, such as Calhoun, responsible for their own racist actions collapses the layers of denial about our own responsibility for our thoughts and actions. For some of us, this is a welcome recognition that we can work to be better people. For others, it is an uncomfortable exposure of the illusion that we are not personally culpable for our behaviors and attitudes.
chas cushman 8 months ago
"it is also true that racism is something our society trained us to be'
I agree 100%. The dumocrats and many black leaders, like the race baiter that just left the WH, have been spreading racial hatred among blacks for over 30 yrs. The race and victim cards have been worn out so try something else.  
Tom Golden 8 months ago
The race card is worn out chas? Then why do you and others pull it out whenever slavery is the topic? Why don't you ever talk about the fact that it was people that were treated so poorly, and just turn it into a conversation about the color of people's skin?

People don't want to change things honoring Calhoun because he was white. They want to change them because his views on slavery were those of an evil and disgusting SOB, and less and and less people are interested in honoring people like that. 

chas cushman 8 months ago
All of us, no matter how our ancestors got here, should get on our knees and thank God we were born in the greatest country in history.
chas cushman 8 months ago
The racial hatred that has been spread for over 30 yrs among blacks by the dumocrats and many black leaders has worked very well.
LBJ said, ‘I’ll have those n**gers voting Democratic for 200 years’?
Angie Hicks 8 months ago
I am responsible for no one's actions or attitudes but my own.


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