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I never cease to be amazed at the wanton position taken today by so many individuals as well as government entities. I am completely baffled at some of their reasoning, or rather the lack thereof.


States such as Hawaii and Maryland seem more interested in tourism than in terrorism. There seems to be a greater emphasis on potential economic impact than on whether the state and its people are safe. That asinine ideology bleeds over into the federal courts, as evidenced by the rulings that place on hold the recent executive orders relative to national security. Dollars and cents seem to be of greater value than diligence and sense.

I applaud any effort by any president to keep America safe! For the American Civil Liberties Union and the federal courts to say it is religious discrimination is a frail and absurd argument. It does not matter if it is “radical Baptist terrorism,” “radical Catholic terrorism” or “radical Lutheran terrorism.” What matters is that it is terrorism and thus a threat to America and Americans. No one can alter the fact that “radical Islamic terrorists” happens to claim responsibility in most cases.

To restrict entry into our country from any nation that condones or encourages such is indeed an effort toward protecting our national security. It is not discrimination toward a religion; it is discrimination toward an overt threat.

Paul C. Reviere


Val White 8 months ago
Great letter.  It seems the democrats prove more and more they are only interested in money and power.  Lucky for them, they have access to all our tax dollars, live in gated communities, have body guards, Cadillac health insurance and "get out of jail free" cards.  The rest of us be damned. 
Dee STAFFORD 8 months ago
Excellent letter.

It's more about hating Trump than anything else.  When "judges" have to go to what a person says on the campaign trial rather than what the statue and the Constitution say we have personal animus on the part of the liberal judiciary.

These judges in HI, WA, MD, and Ninth Circuit have said nothing about the legality of the order. Not one of them.  They hate Trump so much that have go bat guano and saying the Constitution applies to people in other countries that have never set foot on US soil. This type of lack of judicial knowledge should  be grounds for  removal from the bench.

There is a reason the president is given sole plenary power as far as immigration in this area is because he has more resources as to information available to him as to threats to the country.  He has even more than Congress.  He is solely charged by the Constitution as the individual with responsibility for protecting the country.

Five judges of the Ninth have written pretty much saying that Trump has all the authority to do what he wants in this arena.

Roland SASSER 8 months ago

All it's going to take is the right attack on the right target and all those dollars and tourist will stop in their tracks and so will our economy.

You can bet those judges that block Trump's orders live in guarded and gated communities.


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