Ryan is disappointment

I’m going to be honest with House Speaker Paul Ryan. I’ve always voted Democratic. However at one time, I thought he might be the one Republican I could throw my support behind. He has proved me wrong.


I don’t agree with every decision the Democrats make, but I hardly agree with any decision Ryan and President Trump are making. I thought Ryan was more compassionate, that he truly cared about the people in this country, but every day I see more clearly that is not the case.

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I will continue to ask God to fix everything that is wrong with this country – and by the way, it is not Barack Obama. Ryan and others may not have agreed with what he did, but he served with integrity and with the best interest of all people – not just the wealthy.

I don’t have to worry about health insurance, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not concerned about those who are worried, those who can’t afford it. That is what Christians do.

I can hardly wait for someone in government to rise up and look past political party affiliation. I used to think that was Paul Ryan.

Charlene Mackie

North Augusta, S.C.

B. M. Michales 6 months ago
I don't want to sound real ugly, but you asking God to fix everything that is wrong with this country is not working out too well. As for the government taking care of everyone, that will not work, where will the money come from? People should learn to take care of themselves, and the ones that don't will have a very hard life. I DO realize that SOME people need some help but we have gone way overboard with handouts.
Dee STAFFORD 6 months ago
Two points: 
First, Obama was not and is not a man of integrity.  He has lied and schemed his way every since he first ran for public office.

Second, I am not disappointed in Ryan.  In order to be disappointed in someone you needed to have thought they were going to do something up to your expectations and failed.  I had no expectations of Ryan doing what was needed to support the "Making America Great" agenda of Donald Trump.  

Ryan was a NeverTrumper until he saw Trump had won then he decided to be an inside fighter  on the down-low against Trump. Ryan is the epitome of the establishment in DC and should never had been elected speaker.

I'm not surprised he was because approximately 60% of the Republicans in the House have an "F" rating as scored by Conservative Review when rated on voting the conservative position  on issues. Our own Rick Allen is on that list of "F" voters.  In essence, they voted for one of their own and did not want to put a strong conservative, anti-establishment leader in the position of Speaker.
Jim Hall 6 months ago
Electing ethical, moral, God fearing men and women ( not necessarily Christians) is  the only hope of righting the ship.

The chances of finding such men and women in the 21st century that want to be a part of the filthy game of government is nil.

Who have we elected in 235 years that has not advanced the growth, scope and power of government?  Even the well meaning or miss guided?  How many?

Even your friends, family or acquaintances who have ventured into politics.  Have they fought and won to reduce government control over private citizens?  NO

We declared that certain rights were God given.  But proceeded to take control of  those rights.
Dee STAFFORD 6 months ago
Jim, Your last paragraph hits on a key point.  According to our Founding Documents only God can give us rights; but, the left thinks man can give rights.

That idea goes back to at least as far as FDR and his "freedoms" which he felt were rights: freedom from want; freedom from fear among them.  

The idea of man-given rights goes back to the divine right of kings whereby the king decided what rights one has.

Notice in the Bill of Rights none of them except one requires something of someone else. That exception is the trial by jury which requires people to give up their time to serve on a jury.

With that exception none of the other rights require one person to do something or provide something to someone else. If one notices all the rights the left wants people to have require someone else's money, time and or labor.

I won't even get into the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
Jim Hall 6 months ago
The Pope or Billy Graham would be a failure in the world of politics. 

You cannot serve God and The World System.  You will love one and hate the other.  They are incompatible. 
Dee STAFFORD 6 months ago
Just think of how many great people would love to sacrifice a portion of their lives to serve in Congress or a president's administration for a short period of time but don't want to go through  brutal, humiliating process the Democrats are putting Trump's nominees through.

Ironically, people like Schumer, Warren, and others have never done nothing but work for the government and never been in any business.

John Adams was right when he said the Constitution and our system of government was designed for a moral and upright people.  Sadly, there are too few of those people on the left.
Val White 6 months ago

"Obama served with integrity and cared for ALL people"

What a crock of pooh. 

He was caught in many lies, his own wife claimed she was not proud of America until her Marxist husband was elected.  His many scandals were covered up and not reported.  He was careless with our hard-earned money.  As far as "caring for everyone", he made many "laws" that hurt our economy, thus HURTING Americans and even worse, he left this country vulnerable to our enemies.  That's caring for all people?

Lady, you need to stick with your democrat party because it sounds like you took a big drink of their Kool-Aid.

As far as God fixing things, I think he made it clear that we must help ourselves first. 

Robert Sheffer 6 months ago
Red flags go up when someone claims Christ and also votes for liberal democrats.  


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