Tailor health care plans

We’ve been told that one important component of the replacement for Obamacare is the ability for health insurance to be “sold across state lines.” Insurers now must be licensed by the state to sell their products.


The state dictates what programs must be included in the plans offered by each insurer. These programs most often include mental health, family planning and addiction (e.g., drug/alcohol) services. Those who buy health insurance have no choice but to pay premiums for these services whether or not they will ever seek them. State legislators and regulators claim this is necessary for the protection of the buyer. Insurance companies benefit from this strict regulation because they profit from premiums paid by beneficiaries who are not likely to use the covered service.

What would truly reduce the cost of health insurance, rather than the ability for coverage to be sold across state lines, is eliminating state regulation that dictates the programs that must be included in every plan. If I am not addicted to drugs or alcohol, I should not be required to pay for that coverage. If my wife is beyond childbearing age, I should not be required to pay for obstetrical services. If we do not use birth control or would ever choose to have an abortion, we should not have to pay for family planning services.

The fact is that health insurance as structured now is a tremendous limitation to our freedom and liberty as Americans. It essentially is a tax system that fills the coffers of insurance companies.

The cost of health care can be significantly reduced by eliminating regulations that restrict a citizen from purchasing a health plan tailored to his or her own needs. This should be the goal of federal legislators in replacing Obamacare.

John Vigna


Dee STAFFORD 8 months ago
I think there is  a misconception as to what will happen when the health insurance is sold across state lines.  As I understand the plan, and Lord knows I hope the current one doesn't pass, one will be able to buy from any company  in any state just as one does automobile insurance.

The plans would be ala carte in that a person will buy only what they want. No longer would a 75  year old woman have to have pregnancy coverage.

There are a lot of concerns with what the Republican leadership is now passing and it should not make it out of the House.  Senate archaic rules may kill it there.

The thing that should be done is the Republicans send up the same Repeal and Replace Bill they sent to Obama. If there is a problem in the Senate put the VP in the chair as president of the senate and he can refuse the advice of the parlimentarian and go with the bill.

This thing is  going to get ugly because the Dems are gonna do everything they can to make the Republicans look like they are killing old people and causing people to die.
Jim Hall 8 months ago
I'm told  that there are no stupid questions, only unanswered ones.

So why if the federal government is already managing medical insurance ( different from healthcare which is paid for by medical insurance ), why not use the Medicare platform, structure and massive bureaucracy in place?

We are going to have government control.  They control everything else.  Why try to reinvent the wheel?

Medicare, for which we paid premiums, works better for us than the BC/BS personal insurance we had pre 65.   And a much lower cost.
Val White 8 months ago

Between my Medicare and my Federal BC/BS, I have had excellent coverage with no co-pays, low premiums and very low deductibles.

No complaints, but friends and family are not so lucky.  We definitely need a "from the bottom up" revamp of all healthcare programs.

Jim Hall 8 months ago
Thanks.  You are one of those who obviously lived a structured disciplined life.  As you should, whether guided by faith or great parenting.  Enjoying the good times and preparing for the bad.

Success of individuals is the revamping we need so desperately in America.

But it ain't going to happen.  So what is the best we can do?
Dee STAFFORD 8 months ago
Jim, That is what the Democrats want--a single payer system they control. To the them it's not about healthcare, it's about implanting a new control lever in the backs of the American people.

The federal government should be out of the healthcare business except some safety net for the very poor.

This mess goes back to LBJ and his gaining control of people by his Great Society.  When medicare was first discussed I remember my mother saying if it were implemented people like her mother would  be running to the doctor all the time.

It used to be the poor were handled locally and that put a face on the assistance contrast to now there is no shame in taking from the faceless government.

What it has done is even got young people on the dole so they can pursue their recreation without having to get a job.

"Compassion" is going to break the US with medicare, medicaid and SS taking well over half of the budget.  The congress started borrowing from SS and that took it away from being self supporting.  Congressional compassion is a dangerous thing because they are dealing with OPM---Other People's Money.
Jim Hall 8 months ago
Thanks.   I agree with all you are saying.  But the likelihood of returning to pre medical insurance is gone.

The time when we had a child and the total Dr and HOSP bill was $225.  A weeks stay at UH and Dr Watson's total bill.  You paid the bill along with time payments.

My father recalled when given sign up papers for SS in 1936, that it was the beginning of the Mark of the Beast.

I enjoy the discussion and learning.  My faith in GOD prevents me from fearing the future.   This world is in a sick mess that only Almighty God can and will fix.

As  they say, if you mix a preacher with a politician, you get a nut.  When I try to mix both, I feel like a nut.   But a redeemed nut.  LOL
Val White 8 months ago

"The Republicans want you to die quickly".  Famous words from that nutcase congressman in Florida.   Dems can lie with a straight face - one of the prerequisites to become elected to the democratic party. 

The democrats have yet to tell us ONE single name of a Republican who has said that, tried to pass a bill that allows euthanasia of old or sick people in it, or even implied they wish sick people would just go ahead and die.

They have yet to prove any of the inane accusations.  Too bad, so many democrat voters believe without proof.   

We have or had several leftists who claimed to be atheists and mocked Christians for believing in a supreme being with no proof he exists.  But these same people will glom onto anything their liberal leaders peddle without a shred of evidence.  

Jim Hall 8 months ago
Val, I think right minded people are being offered an opportunity to reach a deeper faith in God.  To see the truth about human life and death.  To see the sickness presenting itself as the Great Solution to Society.  A godless human government on a scale even Orwell could not imagine.

You know, we look at the news each day and say what the hell is going on in the world.  And it is HELL going on.

The Bible says we are not at war with flesh and bone, but with evil spiritual powers bent on destroying our souls.  Their human imps are at work.  Stealing and perverting the truth


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