Boycott sends message

If you are tired of the liberal agenda that is creeping into the American society and culture with the support of state and local governments, read on.


You cannot vote in elections held by California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, New York or the District of Columbia. However, you certainly can vote with your wallet against their liberal laws (e.g., legalized pot; child prostitution; and taxpayer-funded abortions) and government policies (i.e., sanctuary cities; catch-and-release prison systems; and infringement on the Second Amendment).

You can economically boycott states, cities and businesses whose morals, ethics and values contradict yours. When shopping online or locally, you preferentially can buy from businesses that are not located or headquartered in those states and cities. You can decline to vacation there; purchase products grown or manufactured there; or view entertainment produced there.

A local department store chain that stopped selling Ivanka Trump’s wares will not get my business, as I now know their management’s politics.

It can be argued that such a boycott is symbolic; only produces minimal economic impact; and may unfairly punish the citizens of those states and cities. That all may be true, but I want my money to support states and cities where businesses and the majority of the voting citizens share my morals, ethics and values.

A personal economic boycott is smarter than skipping the university classes your mommy and daddy paid for because you are too stressed-out to take your examinations. It’s also safer than standing in the middle of an interstate highway to make your point.

Tedd Antonacci




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