Letter: Free market is solution

The American Health Care Act is not the path forward, except in the progressive ideology of forward. We do not have a right to health care. We certainly don’t have a right to have someone else pay for it, even if we can’t afford it. Only God grants rights. Governments secure those He grants, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (opportunity).


As a doctor, ostensibly, there would be nothing better for my business than for everyone to have unlimited funding for everything medical that they desired or at least needed. But that is very shortsighted. The country is quite literally going bankrupt paying for all the needs and wants of others.

Other people’s money spent by Congress is not compassion nor charity. It is quite the opposite. Not only do we engender a reliance on the government to meet our needs by labelling new rights, but we ruin people, by taking away the self-esteem of a fair wage for a hard day’s work.

Free-market solutions can solve America’s health care financing problems by a combination of the three “C’s”: cash payments, charity care and catastrophic coverage.

Reform must start with full repeal of Obamacare followed by pillars of tort reform and health savings accounts. Individual responsibility and free-market capitalism are not just parlor-room conversation topics. They must form the basis of our representative form of government, or certainly its implementation.

I would love to talk more about responsible health care financing with my representatives in Congress.

I’m sorry the Republican leadership in the House is openly attacking those with the backbone to stand up for principled conservatism. The political calculation here may backfire, if this avenue is pursued throughout this Republican administration with more progressive legislative initiatives.

The folks in the CSRA believe in personal responsibility and limited government. I urge U.S. Rep. Rick Allen to please relate to Reps. Steve Scalise, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan that Allen is feeling the heat at home, and he can’t go forward with this big-government agenda.

James Oakman, M.D.




Thu, 12/14/2017 - 23:31

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