Letter: Free market is solution

The American Health Care Act is not the path forward, except in the progressive ideology of forward. We do not have a right to health care. We certainly don’t have a right to have someone else pay for it, even if we can’t afford it. Only God grants rights. Governments secure those He grants, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (opportunity).


As a doctor, ostensibly, there would be nothing better for my business than for everyone to have unlimited funding for everything medical that they desired or at least needed. But that is very shortsighted. The country is quite literally going bankrupt paying for all the needs and wants of others.

Other people’s money spent by Congress is not compassion nor charity. It is quite the opposite. Not only do we engender a reliance on the government to meet our needs by labelling new rights, but we ruin people, by taking away the self-esteem of a fair wage for a hard day’s work.

Free-market solutions can solve America’s health care financing problems by a combination of the three “C’s”: cash payments, charity care and catastrophic coverage.

Reform must start with full repeal of Obamacare followed by pillars of tort reform and health savings accounts. Individual responsibility and free-market capitalism are not just parlor-room conversation topics. They must form the basis of our representative form of government, or certainly its implementation.

I would love to talk more about responsible health care financing with my representatives in Congress.

I’m sorry the Republican leadership in the House is openly attacking those with the backbone to stand up for principled conservatism. The political calculation here may backfire, if this avenue is pursued throughout this Republican administration with more progressive legislative initiatives.

The folks in the CSRA believe in personal responsibility and limited government. I urge U.S. Rep. Rick Allen to please relate to Reps. Steve Scalise, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan that Allen is feeling the heat at home, and he can’t go forward with this big-government agenda.

James Oakman, M.D.


Bill Pinot 9 months ago
While I understand the Screaming about Repeal, you just can't totally take it off the table.  There has to be an orderly transition or you'll have something that'll make Ferguson look like an ice cream parlor picnic.  As with anything else you have to wean the suckers away from the teat!
Dee STAFFORD 9 months ago
Very well put. 

One has no right to the forced participation of another's skills or effort.  When that is required it is not a right. If healthcare is a right, that means everyone from the janitors, administrative people, orderlies,  tech people, nurses, surgeons and doctors are all slaves to the government.

The Republicans can put a separate repeal bill with an effective date in it on the president's desk.  This would then be followed by an implementing bill with phased actions so in a few years it would be free market healthcare. 

There would be implementing instructions for the poor, those with previous conditions since there is no way to leave it out in today's political climate. On preexisting conditions, there would  have to be something that made sure the person did not wait until they were diagnosed so they could then run and get insurance.  It's like wrecking your car and then getting insurance.  That ain't right.

I'm beginning to think there are a number of Republicans who don't want free market healthcare and they want some type of government control. I firmly believe the Democrats had the Obamacare in their desks for decades waiting for just the right time to spring it on the country. The election of Obama was the right time.

Could it be that Ryan has had his version of healthcare sitting in his desk draw for years and that is why he is saying his is a take it or leave it plan....there are no options?

Keep in mind, it was much easier for the Democrats to all vote for Obamacare because they are always in lockstep putting the party before country and they were led like sheep.  Whereas , each Republican marches to his own drum and leading them is like herding cats. 

You have seen a lion and tiger tamer in the circus making the big cats do what he wants. Cats can be herded by a strong leader..  The problem is the Republicans don't have strong leaders in the House or the Senate.
Angie Hicks 9 months ago
It's a crying shame that the Democrats have created an entire class of people who are dependent on the government for their very lives.  Otherwise this wouldn't be an issue at all.
Tom Golden 9 months ago
The "class" that depends on the government most for healthcare dollars is retirees. 

It isn't just Democrats that have decided we aren't going to throw our elderly in the metaphoric ditch when they stop being "productive." It is the general consensus of our shared morality. So yes, for many of us, this is an important issue.

The ACA -- and any healthcare plan going forward -- is not just about providing insurance to the uninsured. It isn't even primarily about that. It is primarily concerned with how to limit the debt that will be incurred by Medicare obligations.
Angie Hicks 9 months ago
Those retired PAID for that healthcare.  Unless you are being quite obtuse again, you know that. They had their money confiscated from their checks with the promise from the socialists that they would take care of them....now they can't.  Ain't socialism grand?
Val White 9 months ago
You jump on others if you think they misrepresent something, but you do a pretty good job of it yourself.  I had money taken out of my paycheck every two weeks for Medicare and I pay for secondary insurance because Medicare does not cover everything - but then it is government run.
J R EVANS 9 months ago
The problem is a lot more complex than can be solved by "free market solutions" and health savings accounts.
Dee STAFFORD 9 months ago
J  R, You are right, but those should be the foundation of the concept.
Tom Golden 9 months ago
HSAs and free market solutions will do absolutely nothing about the largest debt-driver of healthcare in America, Medicare (at least not in the near future -- it would produce a shift in the way people prepare for retirement, but that shift would take a generation). Note that the letter-writer entirely avoids the issue. Any discussion of healthcare reform that does not deal with this issue is not operating within reality.
J R EVANS 9 months ago
Absolutely correct Tom
Val White 9 months ago
Another form of government run healthcare, and the democrats still want to go with single payer.
Robert Sheffer 9 months ago
Great letter.   I have already made contact with Rep Rick Allen on this subject and would suggest others do likewise.  It is time to turn ip the heat on our elected officials. 
Jerry Whitcomb 9 months ago
Turn the free market loose. Stop all subsidies. Require insurance companies to participate in a federal, portable, participant funded pool for preexisting conditions.

The only way to separate subsidy suckers from the teat is with an ax.

Health insurance is NOT a right. Health CARE is NOT a right. 

85% of Americans had good health insurance before Obamacare and that number is good enough for me. You will always have at least a 15% FAILURE rate among the population in this country. Not my job to fund their failure. 
Roy Whitley 9 months ago
republicans are cowards, democrats are mentally unstable. Clean the slate, healthcare wise and gubmint wise.
William O. Darby 9 months ago
I believe that the Democrat/Socialists designed OzBamaCare to be a form of benign cancer that would become so deeply embedded into our social and economic culture that it could never be removed.

Problem is, it's NOT benign. It's become malignant and metastatic. Republicans have charged into the breach without fully realizing just how for the "disease' that is OzBamaCare has progressed.

While the "cure" is not completely out of the realm of reality, it might as well be. It would require of Republicans something that only the Lefty-Loonies seem to possess. Group think, an absence of individuality and an unyielding dedication and focus onto a single thoughtless agenda.

All I have to say to my fellow (non-zombie) Republicans is........ Good Luck!
Tom Golden 9 months ago
There are two 400-lb gorillas in the room for either party trying to resolve this.

Gorilla #1: Virtually every other wealthy Western democracy has demonstrated that single payer healthcare produces better outcomes for less money. We can debate about whether or not this matches our values, but the better outcomes for less money is simple fact.

Gorilla #2: The private health insurance industry is massive, it employs many, and our elected officials are largely in their pockets. 

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. 
Angie Hicks 9 months ago
"Virtually every other wealthy Western democracy has demonstrated that single payer healthcare produces better outcomes for less money."

That is your opinion that is not shared by those Canadians who come across the border to get superior health care.


Anyone who thinks the government can run healthcare has never been to the VA.
Val White 9 months ago
Amen, the VA is a prime example of single payer healthcare.
William O. Darby 9 months ago
"It will be interesting to see how this plays out."
However it "plays out", the taxpayer is going to take it in the butt, just as they always do. But hopefully with just a bit less pain than in the past.
Gary McNeal 9 months ago
I see the health care system, before obama care as a dual health care system,(medicaid, medicare and free market), where the free market system should have been the dominant one, but tort and government regulations were getting in the way of keeping cost in line.
The democrats passed obama care under false pretenses and we ended up with what we have now, because the system is dominated by the ability of the government to shoulder the cost.
The cost of health care has gone completely out of control and the only way to bring it back is for the complete repeal so that the free market is in control and not the government. In short, the free market has to control the price of everyones health care, not the ability of the governments willingness to pay.
I think the problem with congress is the ones on the more conservative side see this and want to burn the barn down and rebuild from the ground up and the other side wants to replace the rotten wood and add some paint.
My opinion, the conservative side could bring down the cost and the latter would probably keep cost about the same.
J R EVANS 9 months ago
The system was totally out of control before Obamacare (which was a terrible bill) and will continue out of control under the proposed Trumpcare.  How is the free market to operate when we operate under an employer based system and a corporate exec is making the decision for your healthcare?  How does the free market operate when the consumer doesn't see the prices or have the ability to shop prices?  How does the free market work when who buys equipment or opens hospitals is determined by Certificates of Need?  How does the free market work when you choose a doctor but they aren't allowed in the hospital of your choice?  These are just of few of many obstacles to the free market operating which were our system long before Obamacare.  It is not as simple as allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines. Neither political party is looking at the underlying problems with our system or providing any real solutions towards bringing costs down or citizens having access to affordable care. 
Gary McNeal 9 months ago
I'm sorry J R, but i don't have any answers, as to why being mad at the world, has anything to do with fixing our health care problem!!
J R EVANS 9 months ago
Not mad at all just stating facts on how our health delivery system works and how naïve it is to just say let the free market control
William O. Darby 9 months ago
Tommy writes - "HSAs and free market solutions will do absolutely nothing about the largest debt-driver of healthcare in America, Medicare"
Same old rehashed BS.  Working people pay for Medicare while they work, then pay again for "supplements" after they leave the workforce.  The paying never stops.  Meanwhile, the professional politicians keep going back to the "well" to fund any and every new project they think will get them votes in the next election. 

In the meantime, OzBama stole from Medicare to fund Medicaid and didn't blink an eye in the process.

Lame lefties are ALWAYS so certain in their beliefs regarding anything and everything their "leadership" (an oxymoron BTW) tells them.  I guess it's comforting not to have to actually think for yourself.

There was a time in this country when government was expected to help only those who absolutely were unable to help themselves. Now, government (the taxpayer) is expected to carry any deadbeat who is willing to exchange his vote for other people's money.


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