Media are too partisan

On the Fox News show Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Feb. 11, Ben Stein – a former speechwriter for Republican presidents Nixon and Ford – said that “the media (are) the supreme power in America right now, and they are trying to cut President Trump down to size.


“The media (are) the unaccountable fourth branch of the government.”

The “unaccountable” part makes it the strongest of the four branches, since the media exert control over the other three and make them accountable.

The Democrat Associated Press shows in all of its stories about Republican President Trump that AP is more powerful by insulting him – even though AP never got a vote, and Trump is the people’s choice. AP and other media have just replaced democracy.

Democrat/socialist President Obama seemingly got no negative coverage in eight years by his fellow Democrat/socialist AP or by the rest of the national media, while Trump seems to have gotten nothing but negatives – yet journalists declare they are honest and balanced, and the readers believe that.

Trump went to all this trouble to get elected, to stand up to the Democrat/socialist press, to have all this charisma – that we’re unlikely to see again – and almosty no one does anything to defend him against unscrupulous media. Who’s more at fault, the media or the masses?

When socialism takes over, because AP, etc., will not explain this to you, here are the freedoms you will lose: freedom of religion; freedom of speech; freedom of the press (meaning all of the newspapers that print AP’s pro-liberal stories will be controlled by the socialist government); freedom of assembly; the right to equal justice in legal situations; the right to own private property, etc.

There is no reason for even one of these negative, biased, disrespectful, socialist stories about our elected leader. Lovers of journalism and democracy should not be proud.

Tom Hunter




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