How heavy is influence?

By now everyone in America and probably around the world knows that one of the fast-talking counselors to the president is Kellyanne Conway. In the interview relating to the January women’s march on Washington, she made an amazing statement. She said: “I look at myself as a product of my choices, not a victim of my circumstances.”


She certainly is an example of this description. She set the rules and direction for her life by making right choices. From this we could ask: Were the demonstrators at the march making their own choices, or were they victims of their circumstances, bound by emotional persuasion, instead of acting on their own?

We also can ask ourselves this question: To what degree do outside influences make decisions for us each day? Probably quite a bit! If this is true, then what kind of influence is our educational system having upon our children, to enable them to make good choices?

A magazine editor, Dan Gilbert, wrote a book in which he conducted an in-depth study to find whether the educational system in our colleges gave open opportunities for the students to search for truth, from which to make good choices. He found that in almost every field of study, an atheistic, evolutionary point of view was presented. There also was a noted effort to remove the moral fiber and spiritual teachings of the home and church.

In the book, he gives the actual accounts and results that the evolutionary teaching brought into the students’ lives. He also gives the names of the schools, teachers and their quotes.

The name of the book is Crucifying Christ in our Colleges, and was written in 1933! Could this still be true today?

Gil Ward




Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:10

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