Let Trump move forward

The imperial presidency of Barack Obama is past. Finally, a non-politician is in office with only one agenda: Bring sanity back to government, and make America great again.


The losers in November are proving to be violent obstructionists attempting to prevent a return to constitutional government with their continual protests about nothing, except that they lost and the winner is actually doing what he said he would do.

For eight years Americans watched the destruction of this country by the crazy Left as it ignored the Constitution and law. Those who took it with a stiff upper lip, without violence and venom, are seeing now that sanity is being challenged by innuendo and spin from the left-wing media and courts. It would help the country if they took things at face value rather than twist them in a crazy way.

Those of my generation grew up with the Soviet Union as the enemy until socialism and its political arm, communism, were crushed. Russia again is becoming aggressive and an enemy. However, the fixation with Russian influence in the election and communication with Russia is ridiculous. The government cannot create policy or deal with Russia if they are criticized for communicating with them.

If actual action and policy is looked at, it becomes clear the Donald Trump administration is doing the right thing, and the nonsense needs to stop. All you have to do to think clearly is remember Obama quietly telling Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he’ll be more free to work with Russia after the election – and not a peep out of the left.

Two Republican-in-name-only U.S. senators, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, regularly sold their party and country out working with Obama during the past eight years, and already are beginning to act disgracefully again. Both need to resign.

Draining the swamp is imperative. Others who need to go are the bureaucrats who hang around year after year filtering and leaking information and influencing both legislative and executive action. Transferring all non-appointed government workers out of D.C. every four or five years and not allowing political appointees to slip back into civil service supervisory positions would do much to improve the climate and quality of government service.

For decades we have ignored the law regarding illegal aliens and created a major assimilation problem within the country. Finally we have a president who will enforce the law, and there is crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Trump needs our support. Those who broke the law and invaded our country need to pay the penalty for their actions.

Only strict enforcement of the law will create the message that it is not a good idea to illegally cross our borders. Going easy on illegals only encourages more illegals who will fail to assimilate. We have idiots who are willing to protest a sensible halt to travel to the United States by foreigners from countries that are terrorist havens. It is amazing how they don’t understand that it (a) is temporary; (b) protects us from the unvetted; and (c) is not religious. Although we know Muslims, not Christians and Jews, pose a greater terrorist danger, all Christians, Jews and Muslims are subject to the travel ban.

It is because we are Americans that the violent obstructionist Left is being tolerated rather than being dealt with appropriately for their actions.

C. Thomas Rezner, Ph.D.




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