Give it a chance to work

In reply to Zia Rehman’s recent letter to the editor (“Trump needs new strategy,” Feb. 14) , I would like to point out that the United States is not a democracy. It is a constitutional republic, in spite of the ongoing attempts of misinformed federal judges to strip it of the rights that it provides all American citizens, thanks to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.


President Trump’ s temporary ban on refugees from seven Islamic countries was precisely for developing and implementing a viable vetting program to minimize the threat of terrorists entering the U.S. Since Sept. 11, 2001, 72 terror attacks have occurred that were caused by terrorists from those very seven countries. They were, by one tally: Somalia, 20; Yemen, 19; Iraq, 19; Syria, seven; Iran, four; Libya, two; Sudan, one; for a total of 72. A further breakdown reveals that of these, 17 entered the United States as refugees; three came on student visas; one actually had a diplomatic visa; 25 became U.S. citizens; 10 were lawful permanent citizens; and four were illegal aliens.

I would prefer a temporary ban on refugees, thereby insuring the proverbial henhouse is as secure as possible rather than leaving the door open for foxes disguised as chickens to enter and cause disaster.

I would advise all U.S. citizens to be patient and to allow our president to do the job he promised to do if he were elected. It is time to put our political differences aside and to work together to make America as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Pray for all our leaders, for wisdom, well-being, tenacity of purpose, protection and the ability to cut through bureaucratical obstructions.

May God bless America!

Roger Eden




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