Obama lacked respect

I am responding to quotes from Dr. Lowell Greenbaum’s Jan. 15 letter to the editor (“Russia won the election”).


He first stated, “Trump played into the hands of Putin, former head of the KGB, Russia’s spy network.” President Trump was not yet in office and Dr. Greenbaum implied that Trump is in bed with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that Russia soon will be running the United States.

It is doubtful that Putin ever respected President Obama, the community organizer, and his gaggle of academic sycophants. The Russians will respect someone who has international business, economic and political accomplishments. I suggest Dr. Greenbaum reserve his forward-looking criticism and fear-mongering until Trump and his Cabinet are in office long enough to judge their performance and results.

Dr. Greenbaum mentions Russia’s invasion of Crimea and states, “Trump has managed to make Putin the No. 1 leader in the world.” He failed to mention that Russia invaded Crimea in 2014, during Obama’s second term. Here are some other notable events that happened on Obama’s watch.

In 2015, Russia sent military forces to Syria to rescue the Bashar al-Assad regime, after al-Assad crossed Obama’s red line. Obama protested.

In 2016, Iran seized two U.S. Navy patrol boats and 10 sailors. Obama protested.

North Korea continues to develop and test nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles, in violation of U.N. resolutions and sanctions. Obama protested.

Since 2010, China has expanded territorial claims in the South China Sea, and is building man-made islands in that sea to house military weapons. Obama protested.

If Putin is “the No. 1 leader in the world,” he is the product of Obama’s naiveté and lack of a spine. Putin, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and Chinese President Xi Jinping have been pushing Obama around on the playground and stealing his lunch money for years. Under Obama, our enemies did not fear us and our allies did not trust us. Perhaps Trump knows that you should keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.

WikiLeaks released Hillary Clinton’s emails, hacked from a private email server that the FBI confirmed to contain classified and sensitive government information. This revelation confirmed she was not sufficiently intelligent or trustworthy to be president. Russia released emails from the Democratic National Committee, revealing the DNC’s plans to rig the nomination for Clinton. A Democratic Party and a candidate with a shred of honesty and integrity would have defeated Trump.

I suggest liberals suck it up and stop whining, or move to California, Oregon, Washington state, New York or Canada.

Tedd Antonacci




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