Lucius Pitts was a fighter

I was shocked to read in The Augusta Chronicle about the passing of the Rev. Lucius Pitts Jr., a graduate of Paine College. I knew him well.


This is a story I’ve not told before in public. In the fall of 2014, he and I fought many a good fight to keep Dr. Samuel Sullivan as president of Paine.

Two weeks into the job as acting president, Dr. Sullivan, a decent and honest man, was summarily fired by Paine’s Board of Trustees. But during the same week, at the first board meeting after Dr. Sullivan was fired, and after an all-day struggle, the two of us standing arm-in-arm against the board, the board rehired Dr. Sullivan. Not only has Dr. Sullivan remained as president, Paine is recovering and the college is beginning to prosper again.

Others on the board helped, too. But, in my opinion, had the Rev. Pitts and I not teamed together on that day to keep Dr. Sullivan as president, Paine could have collapsed. I believe the Augusta community, Paine, its students, its Board of Trustees and I owe my brother a lot. In battle, he was courageous, he was tireless and he never said an angry word.

God blessed him and us for having known him!

Bill Lawless, Ph.D.




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