Obama has left a mess

Since I missed President Obama’s farewell address, I have reliable sources who tell me he took credit for being such a remarkable president. In fact he was so enamored with himself he mentioned himself 75 times in a congratulatory manner. As Paul Harvey would have said: Now here’s the rest of the story!


Recovering from the severe recession eight years ago, we are barely able to keep our heads above the water line. This has been the weakest recovery coming out of a recession ever, hampered by job-killing legislation and regulations on business. There are, at best count, 95,200,000 people who could not find suitable employment and have dropped out of the job market. Of course this causes the figures on unemployment to go down because these 95,200,000 people are not counted by the Labor Department!

Now we must mention our armed forces that keep us safe from foreign sources.

Our ground forces, I’m told, are at the weakest level since before World War II, and must be rebuilt. Our Navy has been neglected and it is functioning at levels comparable to 1916.

Our national debt is about $20 trillion, and probably will never be repaid.

Obama has allowed an unknown number of illegal aliens to enter the country and has secretly settled them in communities across the United States without checking for links to terrorism or terrorist activity. He has blatantly abused and ignored the Constitution when it suits him, and has bypassed Congress by issuing executive orders, ignoring the fact we have a Senate and a House of Representatives that are part of our government process. He has acted at times more like a dictator than a president!

He and the Democrats are protesting the election of Donald Trump and, in my opinion, have vowed to continue to throw roadblocks in the path of the incoming administration. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such behavior on the part of the losing parties in an election.

Robert Smock




Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:10

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