Insult was big mistake

Hillary Clinton had the audacity to lump all Donald Trump supporters into a group she called the “radical fringe” of Trump supporters who are paranoid, prejudiced and racist. This poor excuse for a politician has made it a point to divide the people of this country even further than President Obama has. She has set black against white, rich against poor and race against race. She spews her ignorance about people she doesn’t know, making the naïve believe that what she says is gospel.

To set the record straight, I am an independent voter. I also am a 100-percent-disabled Marine Vietnam veteran and former law enforcement officer, retired from a combination of pre-existing war wounds and job-related injuries. I acted with honor and sacrificed my health for my country and community. Saying that I am paranoid, prejudiced and racist because I support Trump is an affront to me and those like me who have laid their lives on the line.

It isn’t paranoia to have common sense when Trump wants to stop illegals – who could include ISIS terrorists – from entering the country. You are not a racist or prejudiced to want laws enforced to protect this country from being overrun by immigrants with no documentation to prove who they are.

Clinton has made a very grave mistake by insulting Trump supporters, making people think we are the dregs of society. She has no morals, honor or integrity. What she does have is blood on her hands for the deaths of our people killed in Benghazi, Libya. She never can make any accusations against Trump or his supporters that can compare.



Fri, 02/23/2018 - 19:41

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