Character issue grim

The column by Cal Thomas in The Augusta Chronicle (“How cynical have American voters become? Character no longer counts,” June 27), resonated with me, and I would think many other conservatives, in its questioning whether character no longer counts.


If character is taken out of the political equation, as it is definitely taking a spiral plunge now, how can we possibly go to the polls merely to pick the lesser of two evils? We have the choice of a woman notorious for hiding under the veil of secrecy, shady deals, bad decisions and possible indictment for criminal behavior, running against a man with a huge business empire, blasting onto the scene like a raging bull, with nothing but a gigantic mouth and ego to propel him forward.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are full of grandiose promises with no reasonable explanation of how they will be carried out. They talk about what they will do, mostly at each other. The atmosphere has gotten so sordid and tense that serious protests are now the norm at many venues. With all the problems facing the United States and other countries around the world, and seriously plaguing our actual existence, we crave a president with natural leadership ability, rational ideas and solid plans to raise our hopes for the future.

The last several months of primary haranguing have done nothing but leave us breathless, disheartened and still hoping for someone with strong character and ideals to come onto the scene – someone to show us he or she truly cares about our country; wants to solve our problems; and will give us a sense of trust in his or her ability to carry out the duties of president.

Should we ignore our own instincts completely, and go push a button, even though we know neither candidate is truly fit for the job? Should we not vote at all, which is against everything we were taught to be our civic and personal duty to our country? Should we change our party affiliation? Should we start a movement at this late date to find someone else who fulfills our needs?

Many are telling us to forget it, hold our noses and vote! Should we? I wonder.

Molly C. Gray

Aiken, S.C.



Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:10

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