Dems hit new low on guns

Just when we thought that congressional Democrats could not sink lower, here comes their infantile sit-in over gun control.


Look, just how many gun control laws do they want? Give me a number. Any number. One would think that this need not be said, but I reckon it does: If terrorists and other criminals are determined to kill and cause damage, yet another gun control law will not deter them, and I doubt they will be aware of the law, let alone adhere to it.

Congressional Democrats do nothing – nothing whatsoever, nothing – about Chicago’s numerous shootings and killings committed by individuals using a gun. Why? They refuse to acknowledge that radical Islamic terrorists, well, commit acts of terror. Instead, they held a sit-in Thursday on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives in another attempt to take our rights from us.

When that precious baby was taken recently into a Florida swamp by an alligator, alligators were hunted, killed and then opened to check for human remains. When people commit crimes, why not punish the person? Just asking.

And why are we even having this discussion and this crybaby, second-grader-in-a-sandbox embarrassment of a sit-in, courtesy of Democrats? Didn’t Bill Clinton singlehandedly end gun crime by way of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act? Remember? Midnight basketball was going to end gun violence, but didn’t Bill Clinton want a 10 p.m. curfew, which would make midnight basketball moot?

Lee Benedict




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