Cry to God, or get worse

“These Disunited States” (June 5) is another diatribe that has become a mantra on The Augusta Chronicle pages, criticizing the tone, words, and actions of primarily the left, but also the right.


The fact that civil interaction has become civil chaos in vulgar discourse and physical violence is obvious. Its origins may not be so obvious, and The Chronicle editors seem to have little clue.

What are the only beliefs not tolerated in public discourse, public schools, politics, and the news media in the name of pluralism? Definitive Christian, biblical beliefs.

Ponder. Think. Ruminate. Could there just possibly be an association, nay a causation, between the editors’ complaints and this intolerance of Christians and their beliefs?

I will not deny there are many civil folks who are atheists. But where is their objective standard? Where is their authority to make any moral claims? Where is their call for civility?

For the most part, the left and the right are Godless today. Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote, “If God does not exist, everything is permitted.”

We are a decaying, rotting and disintegrating society, and virtually all our institutions are guilty, including those churches which do not preach the Bible. And, in those that do, the thinking and behavior of their congregants – both black and white – demonstrate they do not really believe what they hear.

I can hear the protests to this letter, but The Chronicle’s repeated cry for civility, and the degeneracy of our society, is inescapable evidence for my belief.

If we do not cry to God, study and live by our Bibles, then worse, far worse, is on the horizon (Romans 8:18-32).

Ed Payne, M.D.




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