Clinton inartful dodger

Clinton’s greatest achievements after her 25 years in government are dodging the law.


Her reset button with Russia was such a great achievement Russia took over Crimea, showing how much they respected her diplomatic abilities.

Her removal of Gadhafi in Libya let in ISIS, which now has control of vast amounts of oil – allowing it to finance its killing spree.

She ignored hundreds of pleas from Benghazi Ambassador Christopher Stevens, which got him and his security team killed. Then she and her cohorts lied to the public, stating a video was to blame for the attack.

To add insult to injury, she said the attack came from a mob. Later we learned that she informed her daughter that night that it was a terrorist attack.

She ignored State Department security protocols, installing a private server in her home – and had the audacity to remove thousands of the emails, stating they were just personal. Then reports came out that over 20 above-top-secret emails were found, not including thousands of other classified emails.

This woman has called out Trump for being a liar and fraud, but Trump didn’t violate government rules. Trump didn’t get taken by Iran, Russia, China and Syria, all of which have stuck it to the U.S. under her watch. Clinton is a cold, calculating pathological liar and has no integrity or honesty.

As an independent voter, Clinton’s statement that she plans to continue Obama’s failed policies is far from what this country needs.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.