Iraq stance shameful

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As a Marine Vietnam veteran, I have never been more ashamed of a country and its president. President Obama’s attempt to stay out of the chaos in Iraq reeks of ego.

His bogus excuse to give humanitarian aid with minimal military support, and not put troops on the ground, is despicable when you consider that his reasoning is he doesn’t want to fight another war in Iraq after running out of the country, leaving it undefended against insurgents and anarchists from within.

He takes no responsibility, blaming the Iraqi government for not allowing him to leave a small force as a deterrent. We fought and died there, and in essence owned that country. He could have stood his ground and made the issue non-negotiable, but he didn’t.

Now he has placed this country in a moral dilemma, telling us that he will not put boots on the ground while thousands of people are tortured and mutilated and murdered.

Obama’s big accomplishment to end the war in Iraq was just a sham. The blood of thousands of victims is on Obama’s hands. It’s his fault for the outcome he now faces. The threat by ISIS to destroy America should be the president’s priority, but he would rather play golf.

Gregory Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.

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deestafford 08/31/14 - 07:40 am
Obama does not or refuses to acknowledge...

Obama does not or refuses to acknowledge that Islam is the cause of the vast majority of fighting going on around the world.

He refers to the nebulous "extremists" while never tying the word "Islam" to it. I don't know if he is so ignorant that he doesn't understand that it is the Muslim religion which so many millions interpret in such a way that they are to eradicate Western Civilization as it did in the seventh century or is it that he is so political correct that he refuses to utter the words "radical Islamists"?

Recall right after 9/11 all our national leaders, to include President Bush, referred to "radical Islamists". Then slowly that term died out because of political correctness. Now, if one uses that term they are call "lslamicphobic'.

This is just part of the puzzling thing about Obama that causes Mr. Topliff and many Americans frustration and shame with our national leader and his administration.

hoptoad 08/31/14 - 08:49 am
Obama will need a podiatrist

Obama will need a podiatrist before his term is up because his shoes right now must be causing lots of corns, bunions, blisters and hammer toes. I don't envy the next person who has to fill them.

He got himself into this dilemma and between him and the clowns he has for an administration, they have no clue how to solve or resolve this ongoing situation in the ME.

I doubt there are any citizens who want to see the U.S. in another war over there. We've lost too many assets already. If he had acted a few years or even a few months ago, we might have contained this growing threat. He's relieved too many of our military experts of their duties, many Generals who knew how to conduct, contain, and win a battle.

Darby 08/31/14 - 11:10 am
Well, he shows NO LACK

of courage in making domestic political decisions when he knows he holds all the cards....

Hey, Rick, how about a cartoon showing OzBama getting an x-ray depicting NO backbone?

Or has that been done already? It does seem logical.

faithson 08/31/14 - 06:57 pm
I hope the lack of comments

I hope the lack of comments on this LTE indicate the attitude most take towards sending our troops into harms way... AGAIN.. may be needed in the end, but wholesale 'go kick some arse' right now, without a REAL plan like last time may NOT be in America's best interest.

Darby 08/31/14 - 09:12 pm
Sounds like faithson and OzBama

have both settled in on the "Dilly-Dally" strategy.

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