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Regarding the front-page article Aug. 17 about images of stereotypes (“Picture imperfect”):

Interviewee Ron Brown would like to be perceived as a good, law-abiding citizen no matter what he looks like. I would remind him that the image of a masked man never will be accepted by society in America. Look at our history in the West, when men robbed banks and committed other crimes. They covered their faces to hide their identities for breaking the law. In the Middle East, terrorists also dress like this.

I hope Mr. Brown doesn’t tell his children that it’s OK to look that way. Otherwise, they will have problems, too.

If he wants to be judged by the content of his character and not his color – or in this case, his image – he shouldn’t look like his masked photo, but his photo with his loving family.

Ronnie Mullis


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hoptoad 08/21/14 - 05:49 am
I must have missed this

I must have missed this picture, but get the drift.

Americans (unless committing a crime or just had surgery on their face) do not nor did not wear masks. Which brings to mind something that frosts my pumpkin - these middle eastern women who thought it was their right to cover up their faces when applying for a driver's license, and the men who wear turbans and layers of robes to the airport and then protest when asked to remove them.

I'm sick of our lily-livered politicians and their bleeding-heart sycophants giving in to them or even considering a compromise.

Bodhisattva 08/21/14 - 06:21 am
Yes, people's religious

Yes, people's religious beliefs and cultural customs are a real hang up. Sort of like if an woman removes her top on the vast majority of American beaches she'll be arrested for public nudity, whereas on most beaches in Europe no one thinks twice about it.

hoptoad 08/21/14 - 06:54 am
At least if people are nude,

At least if people are nude, they aren't hiding anything!

People who migrate to a country that is totally different than their own with the intention of becoming a citizen of that country must abide by the laws of that country - Period.

Like most people, I wholeheartedly believe in religious rights. However, when that religion (or culture) has certain requirements that go against our laws, they must be abandoned in public. We cannot change our laws to accommodate every darn culture and religion that lands on our shores.

If people don't like our laws, don't come here; if you're already here and don't like our laws - go back home.

RMSHEFF 08/21/14 - 06:56 am

People's religious beliefs and customs are not a hang-up with Americans. This is all about security. The picture on your drivers license is to identity you for various reasons. If you cover up your face then why take a persons picture. Going topless on the beach is a completely different matter and involves morality. Why would you stop at just being topless....how about nude beaches. Would you be comfortable taking your children to a nude beach?

Gage Creed
Gage Creed 08/21/14 - 08:31 pm
A sign at the beach

There is an anti-littering campaign at Tybee that uses the slogan "Some butts don't belong on the beach" I'm thinking it has deeper meaning...


myfather15 08/21/14 - 10:06 pm

We don't give a crap what they do in Europe! This is the United States of America and we do things OUR way!! You want to go around naked, buy some land and do it all you want; otherwise, stay out of the public!!

Now, I also realize the left is winning the culture war with propaganda; but that too shall change!! Eventually, it won't be a rhetoric and propaganda war!!

jimmymac 08/22/14 - 09:23 pm

I have to tell you that if you come at me wearing a mask I'm probably going to be arrested that night. If I see you coming at me I'm going to cock my weapon just in case and use it if I feel threatened.

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