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Just wondering about Augusta government matters:

Why is the Augusta Commission determined to discourage small hospitality businesses with ever-increasing fees (taxes)?

Why is the commission determined to raise property taxes when folks are moving to neighboring counties (to avoid paying more for less service), rather than eliminate waste and duplication?

Why does every county agency seem to need an overpaid “spokesperson” to communicate with media? Why not let each agency head speak to media and save salary dollars?

What became of the additional revenue when trash pickup was reduced by 50 percent, thereby doubling fees for property owners? By the way, service was not improved – in my neighborhood, quality deteriorated.

About federal government matters:

Why are the chest-thumping “most powerful man in the free world’s” top priorities fund-raising, vacationing and playing golf when our nation is being invaded from the south by disease-carrying illegals and terrorists from countries too numerous to count?

Why is Congress not pulling out all stops to assist our Middle East allies and assist those thousands of Christians who are being killed by “JV team” terrorists?

Why is Congress not defunding frivolous spending programs that result from executive orders and their failure to uphold/implement what the executive branch considers the law of the land?

Cone S. Underwood


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Dixieman 08/18/14 - 05:01 am

...they are professional politicians and not too bright.

Bodhisattva 08/18/14 - 08:47 am
chest thumping, vacationing?

Mr. Underwood must be viewing old tapes of the previous admisitration and have the color misadjusted on his tv. After the largest terrosrist attack in the history of our nation, starting 2 wars, and the largest economic crash since the Great Depression, THAT was the President that managed to find time for vacationing approximately 1/3 of his time in office. He was also the chest thuming President who proclaimed, "I earned capital in the political campaign and I intend to spend it.". Strangely, a search revealed no complants from Mr. Underwood during those 8 years over those matters. "Why is Congress not pulling out all stops to assist our Middle East allies and assist those thousands of Christians"????? Other than air strikes and air drops for aid that we are carrying out you mean Mr. Underwood? It sounds like you've bee watching Fox "News" where they told the woes of the Christians having to take shelter in an uncompleted office building, showed a picture of an empty bowl and how they were starving, and then cut to a priest who said they could feed them three meals a day they just wanted to leave the country (you'd think they'd watch their own broadcast and notice they just undercut their own propaganda). No concern for the millions of Muslims that have been slaughtered by years of war? Obviously not. Just the few thousand Christians? It's rather sad that it needs to be pointed out that a true follower of Christ would be concerned for all of the innocent lives that are in danger, not just members of his or her own religion. What would Mr. Underwood like us to do? Return foot soldiers to the region where they have to stay forever? Gee thanks neocons for getting us into this quagmire on the back of lies and distortions.

southern2 08/18/14 - 09:28 am
Still blaming Bush? When will

Still blaming Bush?

When will Obamaites take responsibility for the failures and scandals of the last 6 years?

When will this President start behaving like a Commander in Chief instead of a college kid away from home for the first time with Daddy's no limit credit card?

Darby 08/18/14 - 11:20 am
Southern2 -

Maybe you could cut Bod a little slack...

It's not just Bod - All Democrats are stuck with the prospect of defending failure and incompetence of cosmic proportions. Blaming Bush worked back in the day, and, in general, they aren't cerebrally talented enough to understand that that train has long ago left the station.

It's quite literally ALL they've got!

historylover 08/18/14 - 01:08 pm
Oh Darby

"...they aren't cerebrally talented enough to understand that that train has long ago left the station."

Strange isn't it? That's the exact way I feel about many (note I said many, not all) Republicans. It is the EXACT way I feel about Tea Party adherents.

Seems agreement will never be in our future.

corgimom 08/18/14 - 03:17 pm
Augusta has more "small

Augusta has more "small hospitality businesses" than you can shake a stick at. Augusta is oversaturated. There is no reason to subsidize businesses; if that's all it takes to put people out of business, they were going to go out of business anyway.

It is not the responsibility of property owners to subsidize businesses that cater to the "hospitality" industry.

It is foolish to pay the Sheriff and Fire Chief to handle PR; I think that people assume that it's a 5 minute daily task, and that's not true. Police and fire departments are constantly asked for information.

At least this time Augusta taxpayers don't have to pay thousands of dollars to the Fire Chief's girlfriend.

Darby 08/18/14 - 05:00 pm
Real snappy comback...


Put a lot of thought into that one, did you?

Bodhisattva 08/19/14 - 07:22 am
You're dang straight I'll

You're dang straight I'll blame the guy who started the Iraq war under false pretenses and made a half hearted effort in Afghanistan where, if he had used the same amount of force as in Iraq, he could have decimated the Taliban, grabbed bin Laden, and ended the whole mess in a few months. We could have had our troops home and been over and done with it, saved thousand of lives, wouldn't have over 20 thousand wounded, or 1/2 million with PTSD and possibly 300k with traumatic brain injury, or spent up to $6 trillion dollars. Those who came up with the lies, planned it, and started the whole mess are to blame. They destabilized the entire region, now we're stuck having to figure out how to now be there for the rest of eternity. The fault lies entirely with Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Kristol, and all of the other neocons who were so hot to go to war. They don't get to pass the blame once they leave office. You trash a hotel room, it's not the fault of the next person who checks in.

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