Don't tar Christian armies

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Dr. Ayman Al-Hendy’s letter to the editor (“View of Islam is ‘naïve’,” Aug. 13) naïvely repeats the claim that armies from Christian nations have killed more people than any other religion, presenting it as historical fact.

I would like to refute that statement with well-documented facts.

Less than 7 percent of wars throughout history have been fought over religion. Only 123 of the recorded 1,763 major world conflicts have been fought over religious differences, according to Phillips and Axelrod’s Encyclopedia of Wars. Of the 7 percent of religious wars, 4 percent were attributed to Islamic armies and 3 percent to all other non-Islamic armies.

I would refer to killings of China’s Mao Zedong (60 million), the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin (40 million), China’s Chiang Kai-shek (10 million), Japan’s Hideki Tojo (5 million), the Soviet Union’s Vladimir Lenin ( 4 million), Cambodia’s Pol Pot (1.7 million), and North Korea’s Kim Il Sung (1.6 million) as evidence of the enormity of non-Christian armies’ killings.

One also should include Adolf Hitler’s 30 million victims. In Poland alone, he was responsible for the killings of 3 million each of Polish Jews and Christians. Hitler also aimed his genocide against ethnic Roma, homosexuals, the disabled and mixed-race children.

Hitler’s vision of a master race ruling the world could not be based on any reasonable description of a Christian army. One may add up the killings of Josip Tito, Saddam Hussein, Mullah Omar, and Idi Amin to get another 2 million deaths because of the armies that could not be described as Christian. These figures total more than 150 million deaths by non-Christian armies.

The Augusta Chronicle’s Aug. 9 editorial cartoon’s point was to describe that, currently, the listed killers have led or are leading armies that claim the Islamic faith as their basis for conquest – not what has happened throughout all history. What we see in Nigeria with Boko Haram. and ISIS in Iraq and Syria. are attacking armies forcing non-Muslim citizens to convert to their version of Islam – submit to dhimmitude and pay the jizya tax; or be killed, and have their daughters and wives enslaved.

I wish this were fiction, but it is not.

Mark Tribby, D.V.M.


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deestafford 08/15/14 - 07:30 am
All I can say is..

All I can say is nearly every conflict going in the world today is being fought as a result of Islam. Where in the world is shooting going on in the world that is not Muslim except Ukraine where it's the Russians?

No, Islam is a religion of violence and not peace. Is there any Muslim in the US who would want live as a Christian in Iraq areas occupied by peace loving ISIL? They are currently the most savage people on earth and nowhere are Muslims taking to the streets in protest.

RMSHEFF 08/15/14 - 09:34 am
All wars are bad, but some

All wars are bad, but some wars must be fought. There is good and evil and evil must be confronted. It serves little purpose to use numbers and statistics to evaluate body counts. Wars should be evaluated based on morality,the reason they were fought and who was the aggressor. Wars are all about defeating or killing the enemy and thank God some enemies were defeated.

historylover 08/15/14 - 09:39 am

Here is a complete listing of the Muslim/Islamic groups that have come out publicly denouncing the terrorist acts of militant Muslims. I don't see Christians taking to the streets in protest either, so your statement holds no water.

Extremism in any form is the issue, not religion. Don't get me wrong, I understand that the terrorist are acting in the NAME of religion, but that doesn't make their actions represent all members of that religion. Just look for an example at the Christian hate groups that exist within the United States borders. They don't represent all Christians either, at least I certainly hope not! They certainly don't represent me.

dichotomy 08/15/14 - 11:06 am
Muslims who will not take a

Muslims who will not take a stand against radical Islam, who I suspect actually favor literal, radical Islam, are proving that Islamic expansion cannot be allowed to continue. Call it a crusade, a religious war, free people fighting to stay free...whatever you call is a war that has to be fought. ISIS or ISIL or whatever those fruitcakes call themselves today are the epitome of what a Islam envisions as utopia and is the ultimate goal of all Muslims. Yes, the Sunnis and the Shiites kill each other but only because one is not radical enough for the other....but both would do the same to westerners when they are in power. There is no peaceful Islam. Islam, at it's best still, involves beheadings, stonings, limb amputations, oppression, and horrific subjugation of women. Yes, I know there are "peaceful" Muslims that live amongst other societies......but in a conflict with the radicals they will not stand with you. When ISIS takes a town the "peaceful" residents grab their guns and start killing their Christian neighbors, westerners, and all non-Muslims. It would be the same here. Don't kid yourself about what needs to be done. It has to be contained.

I never thought that I'd say this, but the world was a safer place with Hussein, Mubarak, Assad, and Gadaffi in control and maintaining order using the only methods those nutcases understand.

cush1944 08/15/14 - 11:10 am
"I don't see Christians

"I don't see Christians taking to the streets in protest either, so your statement holds no water."
historylover, a little history for you. I SAW 100s of thousands of Muslims celebrating after 9/11.

Darby 08/15/14 - 11:53 am
"No, Islam is a religion of violence and not peace."

Don't know Dee, if I'm ready to go that far yet. On the other hand, Islam is certainly interpreted as, and used as a "weapon of mass destruction" by tens of millions of murderers who call themselves devout Muslims.

Then there is the almost universal failure to condemn these animals by the so-call "moderate" Muslims that simply adds credibility to those among us who tend to place the radical label on all.

It would help too, it folks from George Bush to Obama would cease to spout that pap about the "Great and peaceful religion of Islam."

Saying it over and over again will never make it so. The cancer that is militant Islam must be crushed and/or cured from within.

No flowery "band-aids" from Western Leaders, political concessions or appeals for reason is going to heal this disease.

jimmymac 08/15/14 - 01:44 pm

I agree with your comments. Only a horrible dictator can keep Muslims in line. They think nothing of killing each other or any one else who thinks differently than they do. Given their own devices they start the killing as soon as the dictator falls. The religion is a religion of savages because no other person would do as they do. Bush was wrong to take out Sadaam and Obama was wrong about Gadaffi. They kept a lid on their people and we see what happens when they're on their own.

RMSHEFF 08/15/14 - 01:48 pm

How many Christians set out to kill as many innocent people as they possible can? How many people are beheaded by Christians? How many Christians have engaged in honor killings of their own family members?
How many Christians missionaries demand people convert to Christianity or die? How many Christians issue death warrants for muslims who convert to others faiths? ETC....

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