Our United States is changing for worse

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There is a very trite phrase by talk show hosts and others: “This isn’t your grandparents’ world.” The pundits are correct.

My grandparents lived in a different age. Both of them persevered the Great Depression, World War II and the Korean War. The difference in their time and mine is that they loved the United States and supported their government.

As an aside, my maternal grandparents were immigrants who came to America from Austria-Hungary and assimilated into the American way of life, unlike many of those who come to the United States now (mostly undocumented) and refuse to accept the greatness of our great nation. My maternal grandparents were harassed because they were Roman Catholics and foreigners.

My paternal grandparents were farmers in Georgia and moved to Florida, where his cotton fields were destroyed by the boll weevil. My maternal grandfather died at the age of 99. He told me that there was no place on Earth better than America! I am very proud to have had such great role models. Even though they were from different backgrounds I learned so much from them.

I am a grandfather now, and I fear for my grandchildren. I fear that the president of our country and his quislings have destroyed the greatness of America. How can we be great if the president supports our enemies and condemns our allies? And he apologizes to Islamic nations but forsakes our friendship with friendly nations?

The Christians of the Middle East were established there centuries before there was Islam! President Obama has not said one thing about their situation, which can be summed up as “join the Muslims or we will cut your heads off.” Maybe Obama is too busy shooting pool, posing for photo ops, campaigning all over on our money and/or scouting out a golf course. The only true promise he has made and kept is “I will change America,” and he has done a remarkable job!

Obama has chosen one of his own ilk to be secretary of state. John Kerry, in my estimation, is a traitor and an insidious fool. I will give him credit for being in Vietnam for four long months, before being awarded three dubious Purple Hearts. But upon returning to the United States, he joined the veterans against the war in Vietnam. I am guessing that this gives him and Obama the right to negotiate with the terrorist Hamas. Those are the terrorists who were indiscriminately lobbing rockets into Israel and hiding their missiles in schools, day cares, hospitals, and anywhere there was a large civilian population. That is an unadulterated sign of cowardice!

I am not of the Jewish faith. However, I cannot fathom the complete disregard of their brethren in Israel. I do admire Netanyahu for his courage to defend the nation of Israel.

Stephen B. McMillan


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myfather15 08/03/14 - 04:49 am
The United States of America

The United States of America is a direct representation of God and His way of freedom, with rules, regulations, standards and personal responsibility!!

I believe, those patriots that truly love her, love her because she has provided us this great life; given to us through the blessing of God!! Those that despise America, in my opinion do so because they despise God as well!! They don't like Him, nor His ways; therefore they don't like the traditional America either!! Many might say "They don't beleive in God, so how do they hate Him?" Whether they beleive in Him or not, they hate the very thought of Him!! They hate the very idea of this superior intelligent being, who judges their behavior!! It eats at their very core!! Which is why they work so hard at destroying anything to do with Him!!

But, they want the BLESSING that have been pass to us; without having to show allegiance to Him!! Therefore, they lie, cheat and deceive in an attempt to steal the Country from traditional Americans!!

This is the most wonderful Country ever to exist, and that's a fact!! Yes, the Country we grew up in and know; is basically gone!! But upon His return; the Country you grew up loving so much, will be restored, only 10,000 times better than you remember!!

jimmymac 08/03/14 - 06:27 am

I give thanks that my grandparents on both sides had the guts and fortitude to legally immigrate to this great country. All four loved and prospered here. They escaped countries that would have kept them bound in poverty almost impossible to escape. America gave them that escape and they all loved her for that opportunity that she gave them and me.

hoptoad 08/03/14 - 07:01 am
The decline of America began

The decline of America began when Obama was campaigning and openly admitted he was going to transform America, bankrupt the coal industry, redistribute income, create a socialistic health system and yet the uninformed, misinformed and just plain fools voted him into office with no thought as to how he was going to accomplish his campaign promises.

The decline slipped a little more when obamacare was passed. All who voted for him cheered. It declined even more when o'care had many problems and proved to be untrue - yet all still defended it and voted him in again.

He let the Bush Tax Cuts expire, taking more of our income away from us, imposed so much on businesses that was passed on to taxpayers raising our expenses while taking away our jobs and ability to go from lower income to middle class and hopefully, to upper class income earners. Yet, the people still loved him and cheered him on. The journalists still defended him and covered for him.

He's filled his position with a record number of "Czars" and socialist-minded minions who have shred the constitution, committed illegal acts, ruined businesses, and reputations. Yet, his devoted followers refuse to believe he has harmed this Nation and still sing his praises.

They still want to believe him when he says the Republicans have done the damage, that Mr. Bush somehow has continued to create chaos. The sheep will even repeat these false claims and cheer O onward.

So who is really to blame for the continuing decline? Obama made no bones about what he was going to do to America, the blame sits squarely on the voters and supporters who were too ignorant to stop and realize what this man planned to do to this country. All they saw was a chance to make history by electing a black man president.

This is a great argument for our voting laws to be drastically changed. First of all, we should go back in history when only property owners or gainfully employed persons could vote, no one accepting government assistance should be allowed to vote (as that person already has an established bias and will most likely vote only on their ability to continue receiving benefits, but would not include retired persons who have paid into the SS stystem all their working lifetime.). A history test should be administered before someone can be registered. Dead people, dogs, and illegals would be weeded out.

Schools should be required to teach economics, history, and civics WITHOUT the liberal slant and passing these courses should be mandatory for graduation.

I realize the change to voting laws is a pipe dream, I just let off a little steam.

deestafford 08/03/14 - 07:16 am
It's a shame that there are not...

It's a shame that there are not more patriots like Mr. McMillan. It's also a shame that the majority of patriots such as him are located mainly in the South and portions of the Southwest and Midwest.

The Northeast, Upper Midwest, and West Coast would find the sentiments expressed to be those of a deranged individual. It's too bad such ignorance and stupidity is located in the more populated states and they inbreed.

southern2 08/03/14 - 03:55 pm
Thanks for the truth and

Thanks for the truth and passion written by Mr. McMillan.

Hopefully others will read these inspiring words of a true American Patriot and realize the hazards of electing a president with so much animosity and detest for the country he leads.

I hope that those that have voted him in office were simply uninformed and naive and do not share the same sentiments displayed daily by Obama and his appointees.

southern2 08/03/14 - 03:59 pm

At least run for U.S. Congress. I like your platform.

ELLIOTTMESS55 08/04/14 - 06:04 pm
and to the letter writer

and to the letter writer mcain or romney would have done what differently?nothing.we would have troops all over the world getting killed for nothing,as usual.kerry spent 4 long months in vietnam?yes, he did.you forgot to mention that mccain never talks about his pow time.the n vietnamese have videos of his harsh treatment,and tell a different story.bush when asked on his military papers if he wanted to be deployed over seas during vietnam,marked NO.he chose to stay in alabama and campaign for his dads friends.cheney used 5 deferments to stay out,and romney nor any of his sons ever donned a uniform.yeah! just we all look for in a president, cowardice! and,just for thought.bush visited vietnam in 2006, 31 years after the war ended! wow!

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