Weasely lies frustrating

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I just got back from voting and almost did not go. You can understand the low turnout because of the incessant and harassing phone calls everyone gets.

Politicians have a way of not telling the truth while not really lying. For instance, when a politician says he did not vote for a pay raise for himself, he is literally telling the truth, but most of us know that Congress got around that by passing a law that automatically gives them raises as long as they do not bring it up in session.

Also notice that Congress passed this wonderful notion known as the “do not call” list. However, they exempted themselves – just like they have exempted themselves from many of the laws they pass affecting us normal citizens.

It’s no wonder there were very few people voting Tuesday!

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gaflyboy 07/23/14 - 01:40 am
I understand the frustration.

I also understand where you're coming from with "Politicians have a way of not telling the truth while not really lying."

Unfortunately, on an ever increasing scale, they are lying and they know it!

myfather15 07/23/14 - 06:09 am
This is exactly why, with

This is exactly why, with each passing day; I pray for His return!! I see first hand, the chaos and immoral behavior going on in the streets!! I also see with my own two eyes, just how corrupt dishonest local politicians are!! Then, I turn on the TV and see just how dishonest and corrupt our representatives are!! It honestly seems there is NO WHERE to turn; no one to lead us with honor and integrity!!

When we do get our hopes up, with a fresh face heading to Washington, Washington politics pollutes that person and turns them into exactly what they campaigned against!! Washington politics is a DISEASE, and the only cure is when He is in control, not mankind!!

The truth is, we've been lied to so much, most people simply don't know what to believe!! That's why many have distanced themselves from being involved!! They don't watch the news, or listen to political conversation!!

The people that have lied to us and caused this, are going to have a very high price to pay for their deception!!

hoptoad 07/23/14 - 07:17 am
Unfortuneatly, it's up to the

Unfortuneatly, it's up to the voter to investigate the voting, personal, experience and education nowadays. That's the only way we will know what's a lie and what's a truth.

But, for Pete's sake, we NEED to vote. Many stayed home for some silly reason when Romney was running and look what happened to our country! We can't cut our noses off to spite ourselves.

deestafford 07/23/14 - 07:48 am
hoptoad, you hit on a good point...

hottoad, you hit on a good point in that voters need to do some research for themselves. That is so easy in today's internet age.

The thing is a participatory democracy or a Republican form of government is not for the lazy if it is to be carried on as designed. It takes effort on the part of the voters.

The problem is with people who let some "leader" tell them what to think. Politicians realize the jewel these "leaders" are and that is what they give them "walking around money" in one form or another.

On the other hand we have some people who feel so strongly in their philosophy that when a candidate such as Romney gets the nominations they feel they have been kicked in the gut and "will show them" by staying home or voting Libertarian. When they do this they are hurting the overall big picture.

I understand the latter position because I've had to fight that urge on numerous occasions.

We just have to keep the overall objective in mind...defeat the statist, big government, anti-American Democrats.

soapy_725 07/23/14 - 08:29 am
Amen myfather. WHY empower what the Bible calls a "beast".

A beast that devours mankind and is controlled by Satan.

jimmymac 07/23/14 - 09:40 am

So many died to give people the chance to vote and sadly many choose to waste that opportunity. It's stupid to stay home because you don't like a particular candidate because it's a vote for his rival. That's how Obama won so handily. People didn't like Romney because of his religion and he wasn't conservative enough. Well how did that work out for the country? A trained seal could have done a better job running the country than Obama. The non voters gave him a defacto vote by not showing up at the ballot box. If you didn't vote you have no right to complain.

Darby 07/23/14 - 11:30 am
Well, Walter...

gotta say that you Nail(ed) that one.

Darby 07/23/14 - 11:34 am
And now.....

three months more of the relentless political harangue.

So grateful for Caller ID.

corgimom 07/23/14 - 09:58 pm
Anybody that thinks

Anybody that thinks politicians are honest are deluding themselves.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was a FICTIONAL movie.

I don't know what people expect. It now costs hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, to get a Congressional seat, and does anybody really think that they get all that money from going to Sunday School and choir practice?

myfather, God will return to the Earth in His own time. It's too bad that you can't look around you and enjoy life, because that's what God wanted for us.

But as to "the people that have caused this"- look around you. It's us. We are the ones who keep voting those fools back into office, time and time again.

But myfather, I truly am concerned about you. You don't seem to be very happy about anything or anybody, lately. Is everything ok with you? I sincerely hope that your life gets better, God never intended any of his children to live in misery and despair. And whatever your troubles are, whatever your burdens may be, I hope that they be lifted from you.

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