Are these the last days?

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The Presbyterian Church (USA) proclaimed that gay marriages can be blessed by God. A Methodist minister proclaims it is right and Christian to accept gay marriages. Civil unions are not enough for the gay agenda.

Some churches say there are many ways to heaven. Bibles are being rewritten so as not to offend anyone. Sermons are being sanitized. This was proclaimed in Scripture about the last days of the church – it will abandon Christ, and the Middle East will explode without any major opposition, with churches being burned and Christians crucified.

Any doubt Christ will come again is dispelled, and the truth of His coming is being revealed. We have prophecy being revealed and we ignore it. So should we ask for His mercy? Habakkuk 3:2: “Lord I have heard of Your fame. I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.”

Clifford Henning

Graniteville, S.C.

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Bodhisattva 07/13/14 - 07:56 am
Or just the ramblings of a member of the American Taliban?

Yet another right wing "christian" who believes that they, and only they, have the true message and that anyone who doesn't follow the exact same interpretations and theology is a heretic. The same group that whines that unless their religious beliefs are codified into law and they are allowed to forced them upon the rest of the nation, somehow that is trampling their freedom of religion. Don't worry, the bought and paid for religious zealots on the SCOTUS will go right along with you, as long it's their religion also. If it's anything against their religious beliefs, there's a few, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, who will wield the First Amendment like a bludgeon and crush your freedom to practice your religion and partake of your sacraments, while at the same time using it like a shield to protect their Roman Catholic faith down to the tiniest doctrine. The "strict Constitutionalist" claim only applies if if follows their prejudged opinions of right and wrong, do's and don'ts, their political leanings, who employees and how much their spouses are getting paid by interest groups that have cases before the court, and how many and how many goodies they're treated to on the secret outings they get all expense paid trips to where the press isn't even allowed (and is kept out by a private army of security guards) where right wing corporate leaders, top politicians (all right wing of course), heads of right wing think tanks, and right wing millionaires and billionaires (and some lowly Supreme Court Justices) are the only ones invited. There's no way they could run into any conflict of interest there. Is there? Of course not. It's just "double super secret" for the fun of it. Hey, so they been hypocritical on their "strict Constitutionalist" rulings. Scalia claimed in one ruling that one person's religious beliefs coudn't step on another's, but that was about what Native American religion believes, not Roman Catholic, and it was a person, not a corporation. Corporations are "Super People". They have more rights than the real kind. They get to force their religious beliefs on you, and you don't even get to practice yours at home in your spare time according to Scalia. Of course, he doesn't think women have equal protection under the Constitution either. He's a freakin' peach.

InChristLove 07/13/14 - 08:15 am
Thank you Mr. Henning

Thank you Mr. Henning for stating your opinion in I agree with.

Such divel Bod but that is nothing new.

deestafford 07/13/14 - 08:41 am
Excellent letter...

If one believes one's religion strongly and what it teaches, they cannot accept that other religions are equal and correct. It would be heresy and contradiction of true beliefs. However, just because one strongly believes their religion does not mean they cannot tolerate someone else believing differently.

I know, and have known, well people of other religions and beliefs and think the world of them. If one would ask me if they were going to heaven I would tell them what the Bible tells as the only way to get to heaven is through Christ and that there is no other way.

I still care for them as much as ever but I believe what I believe and they are free to believe what they want to believe.

Many of the churches today, such as those pointed out above, are straying from the teachings of the Bible in order to be politically correct and be accepted by people of the liberal circles. Based on my beliefs, they will not be accepted in Heaven if they go against the Word of God as given to us in the Bible.

Bod's rantings are so far off the grid that they deserve no comment.

OJP 07/13/14 - 02:08 pm
No, no they're not. Christian fundamentalists have been

incorrectly proclaiming the end days for thousands of years.

Switch the Bible for the Quran if you want to objectively understand how crazy this kind of thing sounds to non-extremists.

KasparHauser 07/13/14 - 05:11 pm
Anyone Keeping Count at the AC?

How many cranks has this been now, claiming Jeebus is coming again?

BTW, to all those who say religious bigots, and all True Believers have got to be bigots, can be tolerant don't realize that the only thing wrong with the Westboro Baptist is that they are actually the REAL Christers. The rest of you are just Cafeteria Christers.

Bodhisattva 07/13/14 - 06:34 pm
Obviously, judging by most of the other comments

Obviously, judging by most of the other comments, my statements were right on the money. The American Taliban doesn't believe in freedom of relifgon if America. It must be their religion and their religion only, and that must be a right wing extremist version of "christianity". A highly distorted version where they are the judges, not God. Where verses are cherry picked to support a far right reactionary political system when no one religion should be placed above others according to our Founders and our Consitution. The right wing "christian" churches show their arrogance (and their ignorance) when they claim they have the only true way and that it's the others that have drifted away from the true teachings of Christ. Christ said ZERO about homosexuality. You have to look to the Old Testament to Paul (a megalomaniac with possible temporal lobe epilepsy) and have to do some fabcy interpreting of what they meant in their day, and ignore, and cherry pick overlooking other "sins". The OT is related to moral code of the Israelites vs the Gentiles, and Paul's references are compared on the same level as men not cutting their hair and leaving their head uncovered and women not cutting their hair and having to cover their heads. Most churches follow none of these rules today. Christ DID say divorce was a big no-no, but by gosh the right wingers will back divorcees over those who've never been divorced time and again. Reagan over Carter. Mark "Appalachian Trail" Sanford. Fine to ignore that one for politics, right? Jesus also mentioned (paraphrased), "turning the other cheek", "it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a wealthy man to enter heaven", "sell all you have, give it to the poor", "if someone sues you and takes your coat, give him your cloke as well", "But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation". The right wing posters on here praise the rich as somehow better and harder working than everyone else and claim that people are poor mainly because they're lazy, seek vengeance at the slightest wrong and jumped at the chance of war (as long as the GOP was in power, then it suddenly transformed into a waste), think every program and plan that helps the poor is a waste, yet giveaways to those that already have millions and billions are wonderful, providing affordable healthcare to poor, working, and middle class families is a massive waste of money but giving to private military companies (we used to call them mercenaries) at unbelievably inflated amounts is fine and dandy. Wierd hypocritical beliefs and yet the far right religious zealots still believe that their interpretations are the only ones that are right, shoud be unconstitutionally codified as law, and the rest of the nation should be forced to live under their narrow, distorted, and frankly, unchristian Dominionism that seeks to make the entire world live under these views, the same as Muslim extremists. There's no difference in their desires and goals at all. World domination, just under the name of a different religion. McDonald's or Wendy's. Both crap, and I don't want either running the entire show.

RMSHEFF 07/13/14 - 08:15 pm
Boy Bod...I detect a lot of

Boy Bod...I detect a lot of hate in your words...what did Christ say about hate?

GodisSoGood 07/14/14 - 09:10 am
Excellent letter!

If someone could show me some prophecies fulfilled in any other document other than God's word, or through another individual other than Jesus Christ, I might be swayed to believe in someone other than Jesus.

We may not be in the end times, but we are one day closer. Better to be ready than to be unprepared.

Until the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of those who don't believe, they will never see or understand because they have been blinded because they choose not to see or understand.

WalterBradfordCannon 07/14/14 - 04:25 pm
@deestafford, when Jesus is

@deestafford, when Jesus is asked what is the law, he replies "Love God with all your heart and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself."

From these laws flow all religious teachings and the prophets. It is the same for a Muslim, a Jew and many other world religions. Belief in God and in the Golden Rule are all that is needed. Focus on that, and not on all the nonsense that people "say" is the law in scripture, and you cannot go wrong.

Of course, feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, sitting with the sick, visiting those in prison, clothing those who need clothes, and inviting strangers in are not bad ideas either...

Sola Fide is the most misinterpreted statement in all of Christianity, and the damage done by following it more closely than following the gospel is enormous.

Christians should stop worrying so much about persecuting gays or considering women to be second class citizens. If they listened to Jesus instead of their sola fide misinterpreting preachers those things would just melt away.

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