Vote Cash, not Graham

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South Carolina voters have a choice in the Republican primary June 10: They can re-elect liberal U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, or they can vote for an articulate, conservative and well-qualified challenger.

Graham’s liberal record is well-known. The millions in special-interest dollars that he’s collected over the years, spent on advertising saying he is a conservative, won’t fool South Carolinians about the fact he supports President Obama more than half the time in the Senate.

Republicans should think long and hard before they cast another vote for Graham. Do they want six more years of his sorry voting record? Of his conspiracies with liberals against his own party and the American people? Of his support for amnesty; cap-and-trade; taxing the Internet; cutting military spending to support the International Monetary Fund; attacks on the First and Second Amendments; and liberal Supreme Court justices?

We Republicans can do much better. I support Richard Cash, who believes that Christianity, capitalism and the Constitution are the foundations of our great country. He will be a principled leader committed to upholding these beliefs.

Dora Bush

Aiken, S.C.

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bubbasauce 06/05/14 - 01:57 am
Yes let's hope he is gone

Yes let's hope he is gone along with many other career politicians. Its time to vote em OUT!

nanowerx 06/05/14 - 06:33 am

Graham is a horrible senator...and none of it has to do with your "he's a liberal in disguise" argument. That is the problem with our government to begin with, there can never be any kind of bipartisanship and everything has to be black and white because everybody is stuck in a "us vs them mentality."

Being an Independent has never felt better.

TrukinRanger 06/05/14 - 06:58 am
I won't vote for either!

I won't vote for either!

Truth Matters
Truth Matters 06/05/14 - 06:59 am
Senator Graham is not someone

Senator Graham is not someone that I would vote for. He is mercurial, opportunistic, and a showboater. Yet, with all the dysfunction in DC, I am amazed that voters in the Republican Party punish those who try to work with members of the other Party. In order to convince Americans and themselves that the government is broken, the GOP has been on a six year mission to "break" the government.

Sick and sad.

deestafford 06/05/14 - 09:41 am
I agree that Graham needs to go however...

I agree that Graham needs to go; however, I think this recent issue with the deserter has boosted his creds because of his TV exposure and common sense he seems to show on this issue.

One thing people like TM seem to be missing when we don't want to work with those "across the aisle" is the ones across the aisle have bring down America from it Founding Principles of individual freedom, liberty, small government, individual responsibility, and self reliance. Every action they take is to increase the central power of the government and punish the producers and give to the non-producers.

The other side is a side of takers and not givers.

Darby 06/05/14 - 04:06 pm
"I am amazed that voters in the Republican Party

punish those who try to work with members of the other Party."

If anything ever sounded politically dyslexic, that statement qualifies.

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