Autism still misunderstood

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April – Autism Awareness Month – came and went like a typical nightmare. We witnessed countless blue lights, Chili’s restaurant cancellation of its nationwide fund-raiser to save children with autism from wandering, and dozens of media reports about all the good things that can come with autism like special movie days for those affected. We also read that the Centers for Disease Control released the new autism numbers of 1 in every 50 children now diagnosed.

If anything positive for autism took place in April, I must have missed it. Here we are now – May is almost over. I am still perusing media articles that continue to blame Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Wakefield for the parents who don’t vaccinate, stories that interview doctors who insist there is no increase in autism, and vitriolic speech hurled at parents who question vaccine safety.

For the media, there is only one side to the autism narrative; there is no crisis so stop worrying, it isn’t so bad, and vaccines don’t cause autism.

Perhaps our government and its taxpayers will have a different outlook when all these children reach adulthood, unable to ever hold a job and dependent on disability insurance.

I might be a dreamer but I do foresee a day when an environmental factor or factors will point the way to our understanding of the cause of autism and we all accept it as true.

I see a time when we are able to help those already suffering with the illness. I look forward to a time when every month brings no more newly diagnosed children and there’s joy in every autism family.

Maurine Meleck

North Augusta, S.C.

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Bodhisattva 05/30/14 - 08:34 am
Vaccines do not cause autism. No vaccines cause disease

Jenny McCarthy is an actress (and a bad one at that), not a medical professional, who only became famous by getting naked for Playboy. Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a discredited researcher who presented fradulent "research", and falsified documentation in the hopes that he could make $43 million from the sale of autistic enterocolitis diagnostics kits, a condition which existed only in his falsified research. All of his research has been removed and the record corrected in all medical journals in which it was posted and has been labeled as, "the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years". He's banned from practicing medicine in the UK and is not licensed to practice medicine in the US. he is a fraud and a quack. They along with Mercola and other sites, celebrities and quacks are among the most dangerous people around convincing gullible fools that a Playboy bunny, quacks, and shysters know more than reputable scientists and doctors in regards to vaccines and autism. They're willing to risk destroying herd immunity for their wacky ideas and risking bringing back diseases that we had all but eliminated. The victims rule out the obvious, that genetics play a part and grasp at straws that there must be some sort of outside influence that caused it. As to the:"There are so many more cases of autism now." It couldn't possibly be that "autism" now includes:
Autistic Disorder
Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)
Asperger Syndrome
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD)
Rett Syndrome
Leave it to real doctors and scientists and let the bad actors act badly and the quacks try to sucker foos for money. Don't fall for quackery and pseudoscience. Autism is a horrible disease. Fooling people with nonsense only makes it worse.

jimmymac 05/30/14 - 09:16 am

It seems like today that every kid who acts up is diagnosed with autism. What really is the cause? Does today's PC police want something to blame for bad behavior? I honestly can't remember once kid being labeled Autistic when I was growing up not just about one in ten are being diagnosed.

corgimom 05/30/14 - 01:25 pm
WHAT BODH SAID!!! Couldn't


Couldn't have said it better myself!

And the "vaccines cause autism" people, when asked how it was that autism existed before vaccines, autism exists in Third World countries among children who are not vaccinated, and parents like me- who knew there was something wrong with their child before they were ever vaccinated- there is always a resounding SILENCE.

Sciencemom 05/31/14 - 04:20 pm
Conceded cases of vaccine-induced autism

The US Government Department of Health and Human Services has conceded and compensated cases of vaccine-induced autism in the last couple of years:

Nobody cares about Jenny McCarthy or Andrew Wakefield. Bhodi and corgimom can rant all they want about them, but nobody is getting distracted by such red herring arguments.

Parents care more about the above-mentioned cases, and the thousands of conceded and compensated cases of vaccine-induced brain damage--a shocking number of which just happen to include cases of autism.

It's no coincidence that highly educated parents aren't buying the propaganda mantra "vaccines don't cause autism" when so many people know families whose healthy, normally developing babies had severe vaccine reactions followed by regressive autism.

It doesn't matter if you call it autism or brain damage--vaccines can and do cause neurological harm.

And let's remember that the UC Davis Mind Institute has acknowledged that better diagnosis and awareness do NOT account for the increase in autism:

It would be more constructive to acknowledge that there is a growing subset of people who have neurological reactions to vaccines, to investigate such reactions, and to screen for predisposition for these reactions.

Denying that there's a problem doesn't convince the people who actually think for themselves. More and more scientists are starting to realize that vaccines are indeed causing serious problems. Maybe that's because more and more scientists have children in their families who have had neurological or autoimmune reactions to vaccines.

The cat is already out of the bag; denying the existence of either cat or bag simply makes the denier look like the bad guy, even if their misguided intentions are good.

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