Why support Obama?

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Why support President Obama? Well, here are some reasons:

• The U.S. economy added 288,000 jobs in April, bringing unemployment down to 6.3 percent, the lowest level since 2008.

• The stock market is approaching an all-time high; with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising about 10 percent, and the NASDAQ about 22 percent during Obama’s time in office.

• More than 8 million Americans have signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, which is 1 million above the administration’s earlier projections. Enough of these new enrollees are young and healthy enough to ensure the program’s continued viability.

• We ended two wars.

Remember, when Obama came into office, he inherited two wars and the worst recession since the Great Depression. I’d say we’re doing pretty well, and that if you want America to succeed you should support our president – or at least not root for him to fail.

Q.A. Rice


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SheilaJ15 05/17/14 - 05:16 pm
And Atlas Shrugged!

In 1957 author Ayn Rand wrote a book called "Atlas Shrugged"—we are living Atlas Shrugged right now! This should be a requirement for every US citizen, and especially Congress should read this book. Ms. Rand wrote this book as if she was clairvoyant about what is happening to us right now. What this book is about:

Politicians invariably respond to crises -- that in most cases they themselves created -- by spawning new government programs, laws and regulations. These, in turn, generate more havoc and poverty, which inspires the politicians to create more programs . . . and the downward spiral repeats itself until the productive sectors of the economy collapse under the collective weight of taxes and other burdens imposed in the name of fairness, equality and do-goodism.

"Atlas Shrugged" is a celebration of the entrepreneur, the risk taker and the cultivator of wealth through human intellect. Critics dismissed the novel as simple-minded. One pertinent warning resounds throughout the book: When profits and wealth and creativity are denigrated in society, they start to disappear -- leaving everyone the poorer.

Does all this sound familiar? Does this not sound just like what is happening to the US today? If only low-information voters would just read this book!

RMSHEFF 05/17/14 - 06:25 pm

Obamacare was sold on the basis that it would lower premiums by $2500 for each family while insuring 30 of the 40 million uninsured. Those who had insurance would be unaffected. Based on these 3 promises even you would have to concede it has failed. The OBM has projected there 30 million will remain uninsured after full implementation. We who had insurance we liked can't keep it or our doctor. My premiums. copays and deductibles have gone up along with many others. Just wait until companies began dumping their employees on the Obamacare exchanges next year..."conveniently" right after the elections. I guess you also think Obama delayed the mandate on larger companies until after the election for non political reasons.

carcraft 05/17/14 - 09:18 pm
RMSHEFF, I think you are

RMSHEFF, I think you are correct. Many of the employer subsidized policies don't meet Obama care criteria (in terms of the lier in chief, Obama, they are substandard policies so no you can't keep them ((period))) . So I have read estimates that up to 60 million people may lose thier insurance. Of course Obama delayed this until after the mid term election!

CobaltGeorge 05/20/14 - 08:58 am
In A Nutshell!

This is all you need to know about the King SMNCICBHO(M), the Hammer & Sickle man.


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