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What is the most important issue facing the fall congressional elections?

Is it the IRS scandal and the absolute ambivalence of the current administration and the Department of Justice regarding the use of the almighty power of the government to intimidate and silence conservative voices?

Or is it the Benghazi talking points cover-up by the administration so as not to interfere with campaign rhetoric?

Or is it the feckless foreign policy decisions by this administration, such as the drawing and erasing of red lines in Syria for uses of chemical weapons against its own people – or the talk of tough sanctions against Russia and Vladimir Putin if he continues his bullying of Ukraine, and then backing down?

Or will it be Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and his nuclear option and complete stubbornness toward any cooperative effort to work with House Speaker John Boehner?

Or will it be the need to have a Republican Congress in place just in case Hillary Clinton becomes president?

Or will it be a new poll that shows the majority of Americans now believe the president has lied or will lie about significant matters?

Or, of course, it could be that the Affordable Care Act will be the most important issue with voters. By then, many Americans will have experienced a good bit, but not all, of the suffering that it will cause. Or will the president once again change the law without congressional approval, to defer or ease the pain for a while, or at least long enough to get past the midterm elections?

All of these issues are important. But don’t worry – you won’t have to be bothered by them from the so-called mainstream media. They’ll be too busy taking the president’s lead and deferring to “the war on women” or some other liberal-leaning social hot button.

Frank Chandler


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owensjef3 04/28/14 - 03:48 am
Yea like that rancher Bundy.

Yea like that rancher Bundy. Please.

carcraft 04/28/14 - 04:25 am
We now have Cummings, the

We now have Cummings, the minority leader on the House of Rep panel investigating the IRS, involved with in snailing Learner about investigating a conservative group. Could you imagine if Cummings were s Republican? It would be water gate all over as the lame stream media loaded the ink barrels!

ymnbde 04/28/14 - 06:08 am
but no one will be harmed until the first Wednesday

after the first Monday
that election year November
at least that is when the media will suddenly "discover" the victims
and then they can blame it on a Republican
maybe they will "discover" that Laura Bush was a pot dealer?
that got more press than Benghazi

localguy55 04/28/14 - 07:13 am
These words have been uttered

These words have been uttered time and time again, and yet they are as relevant now as they were when they were first published.

It is sad that that the lame-stream media is cheaped by the double tongue. They take great pride in turning a blind eye to the many scandals that Obama and the democrats are involved in.

And yet, if this were a Republican president and a Republican led congress, the cries for prosecution and impeachment would dominate the headlines of newspapers and TV.

Could these media types be more blatant? I think not.

Sweet son
Sweet son 04/28/14 - 11:46 am
Liken it all to dysfunction. The entire federal government is

completely inept in ALL areas. Reminds me of the dysfunctional family. No way to fix liars and incompetency.

And the worse thing is that they are all over funded and over staffed.

corgimom 04/28/14 - 01:30 pm
Gee, it seemed to me that the

Gee, it seemed to me that the "mainstream media" was all over Bill Clinton when he was President.

And it seemed to me that the "mainstream media" had plenty to say when Jimmy Carter nearly brought the US to economic collapse.

Maybe I don't remember it correctly. Or maybe people conveniently forget things.

localguy55 04/28/14 - 04:04 pm
corgimom, So, why haven't the


So, why haven't the lame stream media lit into Obama. Maybe because they are in his back pocket, maybe because he's half black, maybe it's because they don't have the guts to report the facts about this failed little man-child who is the most unqualified person in any room he enters; the most unqualified person to ever hold the office of the presidency.

He's more suited for a banana republic island in the Caribbean.

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