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Raves to the Columbia County Emergency Management Agency. Without it, many Richmond County residents would not have been kept up to date during the recent ice storm and earthquake. Even Edgefield County’s EMA kept us up to date on the shake, rattle and roll. Where was Augusta’s EMA director?

Maybe he is not familiar with social media. We may have lost electricity, but I guarantee you, eight out of 10 constituents probably had cell phones with access to the Internet, and if they didn’t, family did. I kept abreast of what was happening about the CSRA and Richmond County through Columbia County EMA Director Pam Tucker’s Facebook page. It was very informative and kept many of us totally up to date.

Shame on Richmond’s EMA. And don’t try to tell us that much of the county’s population is elderly and not familiar with social media. I am older than 60.

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TandM1109 03/05/14 - 11:21 am
Richmond County did post information

Richmond County does have social media accounts. You can find it on Facebook at Augusta Richmond County Emergency Management and on twitter at ARCEMA. I follow them and got lots of information during the ice storm. In fact, channel 26 did a story on their social media accounts so everyone could sign up before the storm. You should look it up.

ColdBeerBoiledPeanuts 03/05/14 - 11:44 am
ARC Social Media

Seems to be one of the better kept secrets.. They should promote it on a regular ( daily) basis rather than create it and hope people find it..

brentwinner 03/05/14 - 12:01 pm
I for one thought the

I for one thought the Augusta-Richmond County EMA did a great job of using Facebook to keep residents informed during the recent winter weather. Multiple postings per day about what was going on where and what to do if affected. The postings continue even today with information about debris removal. Here's the link to the A-RC EMA page for those who need it:

noway 03/05/14 - 04:18 pm
Get your facts straight

I don't even live in Georgia and knew exactly what was going on through the Richmond County EMA. Do you know how hard those people worked? This complainer obviously has a beef with RC-EMA. EMA did a great job considering the circumstances. And what additional information could have helped you anyway? Stay home, everything is closed. I can't even believe the Chronicle printed this editorial. Waste of ink.

smokeymom 03/05/14 - 08:45 pm
ARC EMA and Commissioners

AND now we find out that the Commission may have LOST Richmd. Cty monies from FEMA b/c they "coat-tailed" an long ago existing arrangement for clean-up w/o ckng the policies for such action. Funny, Col. Cty and their EMA had the proper paperwork in place and thereby won't lose Federal monies for such disasters. The Commssion shouldn't complain that they weren't aware of the policy....duh....the EMA director SHOULD HAVE BEEN and thereby imparting such info to the Commission.

Did the Commission ignore policies? Who knows?

red10778 03/06/14 - 04:56 pm
It's a shame...

Ms. Austin, it's a shame that you can't use the "internets" and find the Augusta Richmond County Emergency Management Facebook page. Here's a link to help:
If you couldn't find it on "the Facebook" yourself you could always go to and click the facebook link there. It takes you to the county's facebook and the link for the emergency management page is prominently featured there.
Once you've FINALLY found the page, I would encourage you to take a look back at how many times it was updated during the storm. I'll wait. Did you look? Still want to complain?

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