Selfless heroes saved us

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What an impressive sight it has been to see white bucket trucks barreling down the roads and highways of Augusta! A thousand thank-yous to those men and women who have come to help us return our lives to normal.

I thanked one of the men as he stood blocking traffic for the electricians to work on a transformer above. He said he was glad to do it.

I told him that we were praying for all the electrical crews and their families. He thanked me and said he hadn’t been home in three weeks. That was a week ago.

As I stood in the darkness of my front yard with my 2-year-old in my arms and my 4-year-old clinging to my leg watching the men in the white trucks team up on repairs to our telephone wires, I thought how desolate we felt without any heat and electricity in our home, and how amazing these men were.

They were like American soldiers coming through a war-torn area, giving us all hope. Well-trained men and women were working hard for us, sacrificing time with their families and loved ones.

Driving by Georgia Power stations such as the one at Regency Mall, where hundreds of power trucks prepared for service, was a moving experience. Waiting at the stop light outside this mall, one could see bucket trucks caravan by from all over the Southeast – Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, etc.

Thank you – thank you – for caring so sacrificially and so quickly in our time of need. May God reward them all!

Rosemary Bernard


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TrukinRanger 02/20/14 - 07:28 am
They were doing their jobs.

They were doing their jobs. This is what they do- but it wasn't free.

jimmymac 02/20/14 - 08:20 am

Yes they came to our aid from all over but don't forget that for the most part they were paid and paid well! I'd like to thank the people who went out of their way to help total strangers without being paid. In Aiken two restaurants opened up and fed workers for nothing and the people who provided lodging in their homes for people. That's the type of kindness that restores your faith in man.

shrimp for breakfast
shrimp for breakfast 02/20/14 - 09:36 am
They did a great job and...

Don't you worry about them being blessed Rosemary. God mad sure of that at around $40 an hour.

deestafford 02/20/14 - 10:22 am
Granted, these men are paid well; however,..

Granted, these men are paid well; however, that is no reason to degrade them as if money was their primary driving motive.

I think there is a sense of brotherly pride among these power crews and others like them similar to that soldiers have while serving in difficult situations. They have a special feeling that they are able to do something to help people regain some semblance of normalcy to their lives.

It's knowing that those workers who travel here from other states know that the crews from Augusta will be there to them in their hometown if and when the need arises.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

dwb619 02/20/14 - 05:04 pm
$40 an hour.

Be kind of hard to get a lineman to work for $10 an hour.

TrulyWorried 02/20/14 - 08:47 pm

THAT is the true America - but there are so few of them left.God bless one and all that leaves his home, his family, to help a distant state get back to normal. A HUGE thank you to all of them!!!
And I certainly do not want to leave out all of our military folks that risk their lives every day for their country. We cannot, ever, forget them nor not pray for them and for their safe return.
God bless you all and keep you safe, those at home and those far away from home.

KSL 02/21/14 - 02:39 am
I will not read the comments.

I appreciate the letter writer's gratitude. But, she has the ability to be more self sufficient. It worries me that our citizens seem to be losing that.

GodisSoGood 02/21/14 - 03:41 pm
We were uncomfortable

But these men were away from their families and loved ones. They, too, may have ever well slept without power as so many businesses in Augusta were without power.

Very grateful that these men gave selflessly to provide relief for all of us.

storm crew
storm crew 02/21/14 - 04:09 pm
linemans view

I traveled to Augusta as part of the many storm restoration teams. First I would like to thank the people of Augusta for their hospitality. You guys were first rate and more than patient with us. As the work wound down and we began sending crews home we took them out for a good meal before they left. Rhinehart's would not let us pay for the meal. Took a group to Logan's the next day as they were headed home and couldn't pay there either.
Many of us left our wives and children in dark and cold homes to come work in your area. I'm sure its about the money for some but the men that I work with enjoy helping folks in a time of need. Nothing like a thank you or a cheer to make you feel like you did something worth while

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