Thanks for the painful cuts

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I want to thank the Democrats in Congress for cutting the pay of members of our armed forces.

While some of them may lie wounded in aid stations, they will be happy just knowing that their pay and pensions were cut so more illegal immigrants got their funding; Congress didn’t have to take a pay cut; and Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber are still in charge.

Is America upset enough to clean out Congress?

Dennis Duguay

North Augusta, S.C.

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bubbasauce 01/13/14 - 03:08 am
I sure hope they are and I

I sure hope they are and I hope we start this November. Its high time we get these lying bums out of their little cozy nests in D.C.!

nofanofobama 01/13/14 - 07:19 am


localguy55 01/13/14 - 07:36 am
The dumb-masses that put

The dumb-masses that put these creatons into office and re-hired that incompetent man-child as president don't have the ability to make educated choices. I am not sure that the America can survive with such a large segment of ignorant moochers as it has today.

And as far as our wonderful Military, these voters who voted for Obama must take responsibility for the attitude their dear leader has for our protectors. A pox on your house. . . .

Gary Ross
Gary Ross 01/13/14 - 08:50 am
Lets not stop with Congress...

There are many in the Senate that need to be recycled as well, not to mention this entire current administration.

Bizkit 01/13/14 - 09:34 am
Then all the new extra paper

Then all the new extra paper work to fill out for serving your country. Now if you don't work or produce or contribute and want medicaid, food stamps, etc. just sign "a" name. Shameful.

dichotomy 01/13/14 - 11:09 am
"I want to thank the

"I want to thank the Democrats in Congress"

Let's be fair here. I am about as anti-Democrat as you can get but the REPUBLICANS voted for this and it didn't take any arm twisting to get them to do so. I would not doubt this was as much their idea as the Democrats. All of us old soldiers know that when it comes to cutting spending the GI's, military retired, and veterans are always an easy target. Since we are not a voting block, and since only about 1% of the country ever serve, we just don't count in the game of politics.

Now welfare recipients......there are PLENTY of them and they are a voting block. You didn't hear anything in this budget deal about cutting welfare.

The fact is that ALL POLITICANS SUCK.

Truth Matters
Truth Matters 01/13/14 - 03:37 pm
Well, I guess this is

Well, I guess this is National Blame the Democrats Day.....again.

Last week I suggested we should watch how much time congress spends working and it was summarily dismissed with comments about how much time the president spends working. That aside, we can no longer afford to pay a congress to work 92 days out of 365 and still draw healthy pensions and other perks for life (and don't tell me they are working some of that time back in their home district--they are fundraising!) They keep the middle class at odds with each other looking for "welfare cheats", looking for "lazy people and moochers" who are unemployment scammers all the while many members in congress make off like bandits. They want food stamp recipients drug tested, but they run to rehab when caught doing drugs, and then return to congress to keep drawing a gov't check!

Back to whom to blame for cuts to vets benefits........

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