Letter: Lindsey Graham a liability

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Last June, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham called for American intervention in the Syrian civil war, including supplying American arms to affiliates of al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood; enforcing a no-fly zone against the government; and bombing Syrian airfields.

While the Assad regime in Damascus is a nasty bunch, so are the rebel forces. Allying the United States with Muslim extremists who behead Christians – and giving al-Qaida support from the U.S. Air Force – is the height of folly. Fighting al-Qaida all around the world has been American policy since 9/11. Why do we now want to help them?

Besides the trillions spent and the thousands of American casualties from Baghdad to Kabul, the other fruit of American intervention is the destruction of historic Christian communities across the Middle East. In Iraq, Egypt and Syria, Christians are literally on the run thanks to our wars and the revolutions we sponsor.

All of this is lost on Graham. To Graham, every tin-pot dictator is an existential threat to the United States. He has squandered American lives, treasure and credibility in his various adventures.

Graham’s constant beating of the war drums has reached the level of self-parody. He’s an embarrassment both to the Republican Party and the state of South Carolina.

Ken Baer

Aiken, S.C.

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willie Lee
willie Lee 01/07/14 - 06:24 am
Good Letter!

But you failed to mention his ratification of the liberal Supreme Court and Federal judge nominees made by Obama. One of the few republicans to do so.

ymnbde 01/07/14 - 08:07 am
is this the best the democrats have to offer?

that America caused Muslims to attack Christians?
that Lindsey specifically is partly responsible for those attacks?
maybe msnbc viewers would believe that
the democrats are gonna have to get better than this

myfather15 01/07/14 - 09:42 am
We need to stop getting

We need to stop getting involved in these civil disputes, until the point it spills over into other Countries!! The enemy of our enemy is not neccessarily our friend!! We do NOT need to be arming one side in these disputes, because both sides are radical extremists!!

For a perfect example, look what we did in Libya, by President Obama bombing them, without approval!! Now, Al Qaeda is in control of Libya and are using it as a training ground!! Awesome job Mr. President!! Look at Egypt as well, how they are murdering innocent Christians, all over the Country!!

We need to send a strong message to these people. We will NOT help or assist any "rebellion" during a civil conflict in the middle east. You guys can destroy your Countries all you want!! BUT, if you take this fight outside YOUR Country and invade or attack another Country, will be blow you back into the dark ages!! Not "boots on the ground" but hellfire missiles reigning down upon your heads!!! We can level most Countries and dismantle them, without a single boot on the ground!!

jimmymac 01/07/14 - 11:09 am

We need to stay out of other countries problems. Let them fight and fund their own battles. If we aren't attacked then we should keep our troops and tax dollars at home. Lindsey Graham needs to go the way all incumbents need to go. Let them return to the private sector and live with the laws they created for us but not for Congress.

my.voice 01/07/14 - 11:35 am
Getting rid of LG is

Getting rid of LG is impossible, he had Strom's blessing.

bob0142 01/07/14 - 09:39 pm
Other than being a war hawk

Other than being a war hawk apparently is there any reason for Graham to have an R as his party designation?

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