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Many thanks to Augusta native Thomas M. Nickles III for his excellent Dec. 7 synopsis (“People of Augusta hold a very special place in the heart of courageous Aimee Copeland”) of the Aimee Copeland presentation at the recent Georgia Hospital Association annual meeting.

Aimee’s inspiring remarks moved the GHA audience in a way that many of us will never forget and underscored the vital role that hospitals play in providing compassionate, life-saving care to the residents of our communities.

With so many challenges facing our health-care system today – the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, declining Medicaid/Medicare reimbursements and the call to meet the growing demands of a growing, aging population – Aimee’s presentation reminded so many health-care professionals why they chose this field in the first place: to serve and love people. The fact that Aimee Copeland survived this terrible tragedy makes her a living testament to the excellent, compassionate health-care services that Augustans have available to them.

To view the Aimee Copeland presentation in its entirety, please visit the Georgia Hospital Association’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/gahospitalassoc.

(The writer is vice president of public relations for the Georgia Hospital Association.)

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