How can we tell what's true?

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What if the Obama administration did know about the Fast and Furious scandal?

What if the administration did know the truth about what happened in Benghazi, Libya, but failed to act and rather decided to spin it to coincide with the campaign rhetoric that al-Qaida was on its heels and the tides of war were receding?

What if the administration did know the IRS was targeting conservative groups, hoping to intimidate them and anyone else who decided to have a conservative voice, especially during an election?

What if the administration did know the Department of Justice was targeting journalists by tapping their phones and watching their emails, especially James Rosen with Fox News, a conservative media outlet?

What if the administration did know that millions of Americans would lose their insurance because of Obamacare but said unequivocally during the campaign that they wouldn’t? What if they did know that, because of Obamacare, premiums would actually go up, not down, but decided to market it the way they did to win an election and to get the law passed?

What if the administration did know that the website was nowhere near ready for launch on Oct. 1 – not only not allowing people to sign up, but also subjecting millions of Americans to security risks? What if they decided to go ahead with the launch anyway because to do otherwise would be an admission that conservatives, who wanted to delay or even repeal the law, were right all along during the government shutdown? What if they have known all along that Obamacare is not about health care but rather about redistribution of wealth and government control of our lives?

What if none of this is true? What if all of it is? Truth is, we don’t know what is true regarding this administration.

Frank Chandler


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nocnoc 11/29/13 - 08:13 pm
Worth a serious read Sandy Hook Elem School Shooting

Already have a few factual questions with this version of the "Official" Report.

1. The report Timeline published earlier this year, Conn State Police does not match this Official Version.

2. The FBI will not release its info, stating that there are Grand Jury reasons. But Conn. stae AG indicates it has no other criminal actions outstanding the Shooter acted alone.

3. The CNN / local helicopter news crew video shows a weapon being found in the Shooters car trunk by a group of Police. The
report said it was found in the back seat and the police somehow had keys to the shooters car to open and lock it in the trunk?

These are just a few issue from a quick read.

Special Noteworthy:
Because we were told earlier this year that a 40 cal weapon was recovered from the Shooters dead body and he shot himself with a 40 cal Weapon. Now are told it was a 10mm and not a 40cal Pistol was used by the Shooter to kill himself. Although a 10mm and 40 cal shoot the same diameter bullet cal.401 just like a 38 special and 357 Mag both shoot a .357 Cal diameter bullet. However the cases are longer to allow more gun powder. If it is like my own 10mm the cases are clearly id on the bottom of each round with a 10mm just like the weapon also is stamped 10mm.

Why would they earlier report a 40cal weapon was found at the scene when it would have been clear from the shell cases and the weapon id it was a 10mm?

This mess will never be 100% settled.
Because trust in the Federal Government is running at an all
time low. In plain language too many Americans no longer trust our Federal Government and its actions here lately.
Too many lies, coverups, and misleading info being supplied, or inserted evidence for political agendas reason.

It is a level of trust that will take generations to rebuild, if it can be.

Darby 11/29/13 - 10:48 pm
bledsoe - A "moderate" Democrat and a "moderate"

Republican are the same animal. Both are found in the middle of the road. They think that the tag "moderate" allows them to attract support from both sides of the aisle. It almost never works and when it does, that support is always transient and fleeting.

The only thing found consistently in the middle of the road is "roadkill".

Pick a side for crying out loud.

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