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At one time in America, as a nation we withdrew from unseemly conduct and those who lived and promoted it. Today we not only embrace this conduct but also pass laws to encourage its evil upon our society! We no longer judge a person by his character, but by his charm and ability to appeal to our personal approval and entertainment.

Character distinguishes who we are! Do we keep our word or do we lie? Are we trustworthy? Are we dependable? What kind of morals do we have, if any? Where do we draw the line on what we will do and what we will not do? Are our habits respectable? Are we proud of ourselves?

Through purposely planned programs and years of indoctrination, we have transformed our thinking to cast aside the truth of our nation’s history and its Christian foundation for the unproven hypothesis that there is no God! However, we live in a country whose motto is “In God We Trust.”

Without God, we have no accountability of the way we live, and of course, no peace of heart and soul!

Gil Ward


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soldout 11/24/13 - 10:02 am
excellent letter

Good letter Gil. The last problem for the sinner and those who celebrate sin is they can't get God to repeal sowing and reaping. God's love is flowing to us no matter how stupid we are and His laws over-power our ability to sin our way around them. Are we still paying a price for the sin of slavery? Didn't we reap a great crop for defeating our enemies in WWII. Are we paying a price for abortions and what will be the price for the sin of homosexually. Payday comes for all work whether it is working for good or evil.

pearlthesquirrel 11/24/13 - 10:42 am

It's time for the Gil-show. WOW, this cat's been 5150 for quite some time. If you think Gil-boy has got his act together, you should read his "get straight on Intelligent Design" letter from Saturday, February 23, 2008. STRAIGHT UP BIZARROWORLD. And by the way, TERRIBLE LETTER. Hey Gil, I've got a $5,000 check that says evolution is provable and you have a $5,000 check to put up that says otherwise? I didn't think so. #17 has just been added to my list.

KasparHauser 11/24/13 - 01:46 pm
Stop Preaching to the Mirror

No YOU have no accountability, etc. without a boogeyman gawd looking over your shoulder.

ADULTS have their empathy for others, as summed up in their conscience, morals, and ethics.

Bodhisattva 11/25/13 - 09:08 am
Or racism, or homophobia, or

Or racism, or homophobia, or the love of war more than the love of people. The willingness to spend trillions on machines of destruction and glorify in their use while nickel and diming the pittance that goes to the poor, elderly, and disabled, and relishing in trying to deny them healthcare while giving billions to corporations who have a half a dozen owners who are worth more than 40 million of the poor, that live in palaces with their own golf courses and 20+ car garages, but deny their workers a living wage and healthcare and celebrate these as successes. It's hard to fit through the eye of the needle. We cut funding for the least of our population on to give giant breaks for those with the most. We had it backwards. E Pluribus Unum was adopted by an Act of Congress in 1782 as the motto for the Seal of the United States and had been used on coins and paper money since 1795 and was considered to be the country's motto. In God We Trust was only made the motto in 1956 due to pressure from zealots during the Cold War (2 years after "under God" was added to the Pledge thanks to the Knights of Columbus, 62 years after it was written). More fake history from the likes of David Barton. The founders made their choice clear. E Pluribus Unum.

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