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A woman on government assistance was quoted in an Augusta Chronicle story (“Food stamp cuts hit hard across area,” Nov. 17) as saying: “Some days you’ll have to just eat sandwiches. Some days you’ll have to go without eating at all.” This is on $347 per month ($80 per week) for her and two children.

No she doesn’t! This is the problem with the entitlement mentality group that the government, predominately liberals, have bred in this great country. They are so dependent on the government they have become increasingly resistant to change. I grocery-shop with my wife. I know that the staples, which are nutritious, relatively inexpensive in bulk and easy to prepare, and will fill a belly nicely. Yes, good old beans, rice and bread. And if the children are school-age, breakfast and lunch are free thanks to the working taxpayers.

So perhaps the woman quoted needs to adjust her shopping habits or take part in my church’s great welfare program – keeping in mind, however, that our welfare program requires that you do something, unlike the government. And she just refuses to see that, as long as she is dependent on the government, they dictate to her how much she gets to spend on groceries – and, in fact, they dictate her very financial worth.

I will not stand in the way of her choice, but I have grown tired of this cancer of entitlement mentality that continues to rapidly spread across this country. Change of any sort requires courage.

And by the way, I eat sandwiches every day.

Bobby Ross

North Augusta, S.C.

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itsanotherday1 11/21/13 - 04:26 pm
"Because those who are

"Because those who are addicted to being cared for by the government will vote for the ones who will give them the most stuff."

Let's be clear about something, welfare spending is a small piece of the budget pie, and in no way makes or breaks the budget. It is the military, social security, and medicare comprising the bulk of it.

That said, the above quoted statement is spot on with regard to the real issue. IT ISN'T THE MONEY! It is the entitlement mentality and where it is taking us. When the takers start outvoting the givers, we will be in deep doo-doo.

KSL 11/21/13 - 04:26 pm
Is it no wonder the dems want

Is it no wonder the dems want to grant amnesty to buy votes?

Young Fred
Young Fred 11/21/13 - 05:14 pm
Echoes86, You make a couple


You make a couple of excellent points, and one not so excellent insinuation.

I think if you go back into time when conservatives had a majority in most all branches of government, you’ll find ample examples of “conservatives” raising cane about waste. As-a-matter-of-fact, I was one of those conservatives raising cane in the midst of Regan’s years.

Your insinuation (correct me if I’m wrong) that some wish to blame neighbors is a little, how do I put this…it’s a little “wrong sighted”.

Ya see, there is plenty blame to go around. Government, schools, big business, little business, and neighbors. Just because you can place blame on all, doesn’t excuse blame from some.

So, YES, I do blame my neighbors to an extent. Apparently a majority of peoples voted in the current disgrace that is our president. Ample facts were/are available to any that decide to spend just a little time on becoming informed.

Am I to excuse my neighbor, because he/she didn’t think it was important enough to become informed?

Well, yes, I will excuse my neighbor. Part of me. The other part won’t excuse. The one part wants to forgive and forget, to understand that there are only so many hours in the day. The other part says if you don’t care enough about our future, why am I wasting my time on you?

specsta 11/21/13 - 06:00 pm
Tax Breaks, Subsidies, Corporate Welfare

I wish these corporations would shed the entitlement mentality. They are the biggest blood-sucking leeches in the economy.

Riverman1 11/21/13 - 06:31 pm

The corporations pay triple taxes and provide jobs. Any break they are given involves less of THEIR money being taken from them. Of course all these tax laws that allow a lesser payment are approved because of various reasons deemed to be beneficial to the nation. A Democratic Senate approves every tax law.

ymnbde 11/21/13 - 07:04 pm
corporations shouldn't be taxed at all

because it "trickles" down to the worker
who pays the tax in less wages and higher end product prices
and the tax also causes the corporations to leave this country
to get away from the blood sucking leech liberals
in government

Humble Angela
Humble Angela 11/21/13 - 07:09 pm
"I wish these corporations

"I wish these corporations would shed the entitlement mentality. They are the biggest blood-sucking leeches in the economy."

Again with the tired old wealth envy. You do realize that without those "blood thirsty" corporations, there wouldn't be an economy......or do you believe like most progressives seem to believe....that money just comes from magical fairies?

It takes the insane logic of a liberal to equate NOT taking away what someone earns as the same welfare that occurs when you give someone money that they did not earn.

As usual, are 100% wrong.

Conservative Man
Conservative Man 11/21/13 - 10:34 pm
Agree Angela....

spectsa is 100% wrong....(as usual)...

Let me simplify the rhetoric of the left...."corporations bad"....."state-ism good"....

Bottom line......the current model is UNSUSTAINABLE!!!

I wonder if these "state-ists" will be as accomodating when the current system collapses and those that they have brainwashed into believing they are "entitled" to "benefits" come breaking down THEIR doors ?...

I believe we should help the helpless....

I'm just tired of being forced to prop up the clueless...

Bizkit 11/21/13 - 10:45 pm
Entitlements are supposedly a

Entitlements are supposedly a "guarantee" for something-social security, medicare, or food stamps. But we see that "guarantee" is horse manure. They are archaic dinosaurs that all need to be ended. Want to end the "entitlement mentality"=end entitlements. The federal government shouldn't be doing this and it's too much of our budget-as well as defense. I think we could cut defense in half and still be number one militarily-if we were smart. Which govt is incapable of being smart. The ACA will become another entitlement program with taxes to support subsidies and then Medicaid which stole from Medicare that folks paid into-more wealth redistribution. I guarantee you I could give a poor man $100K and within a year he would be poorer with huge debt-I could give a wealthy man that same amount and he would turn it into 500K. It isn't wealth disparity but talent, ability, financial responsibility, and get up and doing the job. If you don't have that education, or that job, or that wealth it's because of YOU.

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