What are Obama's plans?

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I recently read an article by TV and radio commentator Wayne Allyn Root regarding President Obama’s plans for our country:

• The rich must pick up the tab for health care for those who cannot afford it, thus breaking the rich.

• Obamacare is intended to wipe out the middle class and make them dependent on government. By 2016, the middle class will be forced into government through astronomically high health care costs.

• Obamacare is intended to kill decent-paying jobs and create only low-paying and/or part-time jobs. Great way to take care of the middle class!

• Obamacare is intended to bankrupt small businesses, thus starving donations to the Republican Party. Since small businesses write 75 percent of the checks to the GOP, what better way to stifle the opposition than to cut off its funds?

• Obamacare makes the Internal Revenue Service even more powerful, allowing them to record a great deal of your personal information. Thus armed, they can dissuade any would-be politician from running by threatening to expose any skeletons in his or her closet!

• Obamacare is not a train wreck, but rather a well-organized machine that is functioning exactly as desired.

However strongly he makes his points (with which I am unable to disagree), some questions do pop into my mind, such as:

• By killing off the rich and middle classes, where will the money come from to keep voters dependent on government checks?

• By defeating capitalism and forcing factories to close, is he not cutting off yet another source of revenue?

• If the above two items are true, then who will buy any goods and services produced? Is this not like a dog chasing its tail?

• Let’s assume all of the above comes to pass. Where will the government get the funds necessary to keep voters dependent on their monthly checks? Certainly not from China!

Maybe he is considering nationalizing the oil industry. Think about it. He has cut back on drilling permits, refused the pipeline from Alaska, put stiffer regulations on offshore operations, etc. Is he saving the oil for later use?

This could boost the United States into a position to replace Saudi Arabia and OPEC, and place Obama as king!

Does the name Hugo Chavez ring a bell?

Far-fetched? Maybe not.

James Nixon

Aiken, S.C.

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bubbasauce 11/14/13 - 02:29 am
Something to think about I

Something to think about I guess. I wouldn't put nothing past this crooked administration and King Obama.

carcraft 11/14/13 - 07:18 am
Well, when Obama said he

Well, when Obama said he wanted to "fundamentally change America " nobody ask him what he meant! We now have some very obvious clues. I just wish the media had quizzed him earlier. The only good thing is that having been a community organizer Obama has no clue how to run anything other than his mouth, and he certainly doesn't do that well!

localguy55 11/14/13 - 08:23 am
This Administration is one of

This Administration is one of the most cynical and deviant group of people in modern history. Obama and his cohorts are reprobates of the highest degree and will stop at nothing to acheive the goal of bringing this country to it's knees. It can be compared to a bloodless coup.

When a governing body disregards Laws, the constitution, and civil property rights, there is something very wrong.

When a governing body imposes rules that adversely effect the people, such as refusing to promote and limit domestic oil production, there is something very wrong.

When a governing body imposes rules that lead to the destruction of small businesses, there is something very wrong.

When a governing body attempts to demonize and silence the opposition by unleashing a govenment agency (the IRS) on their opponents, something is very wrong.

When a governing body openly forces legislation on it's people affectively destorying their private healthcare and their private choices, there is something very wrong.

There is much more, but you get the picture.

RMSHEFF 11/14/13 - 09:39 am
All by design.....fundamental

All by design.....fundamental change has arrived and yes, Obamacare is going just as planned.

deestafford 11/14/13 - 11:36 am
Well, let's look at what Obama promised and what we got

He promised:
-A period of prosperity
-post racialism
-America would be better in the eyes of the world

What we got:
-five years of reckless spending
-a wholesale assault on domestic energy industries
-endless abuses of executive authority and other lawless incursions on the Constitution
-unprecedented divisiveness and polarizations across economic, racial, and gender lines
-America's declining powers and prestige in the world
-an explosion of the welfare state
-the worst economy in 60 years

In some ways Obama has been a bystander to his own presidency when he should have been hands-on. He likes to campaign but he does not like governing. He has put people in positions who are kindred spirits of the left who have the same philosophy of "fundamentally changing America" as he does. For example, Eric Holder is just Barrack Obama without the charm.

Darby 11/14/13 - 12:34 pm
"Obamacare is not a train wreck, but rather

a well-organized machine that is functioning exactly as desired."

It's not nearly that complex!

Of course Obamacare IS a train wreck. The man didn't see this coming. He really thought, as all liberals do, that if your intentions are good, nothing can go wrong. That's the progressive concept of "leadership".

Beating a dead horse here, but the man has NO qualifications to run an ice cream truck, and certainly not a complex government overseeing the lives, fortunes and future of more the three hundred million human beings.

I don't buy into the idea that this disaster of biblical proportions was planned or even foreseen by Obama or any of the political hacks and sycophants that he handpicked to surround him.

He simply believed with all sincerity and with every fiber of his being that he could succeed where other socialist regimes had failed.

Now, his administration is doomed to the dust bin of history and a once great nation is left struggling to survive and recover.

KSL 11/14/13 - 04:16 pm
Where are his defenders

Where are his defenders today?

Humble Angela
Humble Angela 11/14/13 - 06:07 pm
KSL....they are just

KSL....they are just answering with thumbs down. They are too embarrassed to try to defend.

itsanotherday1 11/14/13 - 06:58 pm
Yup HA

I've noticed the Obamites have been fairly quiet lately. I have noticed however, some in the media have grudgingly admitted the fiasco.

As to his plan, I think some give him to much credit. He isn't diabolically genius, just pitifully incompetent. The Dems have him as a useful dunce to further their leftist agenda. I said to begin with and still contend that the ACA was a front to achieve socialized medicine; the brass ring of the democrat platform.
Now that genie is out of the bottle with millions losing their insurance, the Dems will ride in like white knights to save everyone. Watch and see, single payer will be touted as the solution.

carcraft 11/14/13 - 09:38 pm
Watching people lose their

Watching people lose their insurance after listening to Obama lie about, then lie about his lie has grated on Americans sensibility. The legislators responsible for this mess are going to be held responsibly for this mess. The Democrats may well lose the Senate and Republicans may well gain more seats in the House. Obama's and the pertest agenda may be done for the near furture!

Darby 11/15/13 - 12:37 am
HA - "they are just answering with thumbs down.

They are too embarrassed to try to defend"

Yeah, that and the fact that they see their endless supply of freebies threatened and they are too worried to comment.

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