Let's abort Obamacare

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Don’t delay! Grasp the nationalized health care plan, extract the body of the plan, make an incision in the individual mandate with a blunt dissector, then suction out the higher taxes on small business owners and middle class families. As it collapses, remove the health care rationing, and vacuum aspirate the cross subsidies. Crush it.

Sound a little extreme and over the top? President Obama said it’s fine to partially abort an American baby in such terms. Why not abort his health care plan with the same ferocity and savagery?

Abortion shows the exact reason why Obamacare should be axed. If our government can vote that innocent babies don’t have the right to live, it can certainly take the right to life from other segments of the population. As health care dollars dry up, we know Obama will have no qualms withholding treatment from those he deems a burden. The truth is, his health care regulations are a burden to our hard-working health care providers.

For the health of the mother, the father and the child, this Obamacare abortion is vital, even if it’s late-term!

Kathryn Lehn


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deestafford 11/09/13 - 02:40 am
One of the things Obama and his followers believe is your are

free to practice your religion all you want and how you want...as long as you do it in your home or in your church. Any other location or venue is not authorized because of "separation of church and state". And since a business is not a person it cannot have religious beliefs and therefore must provide abortion services and birth control as part of their insurance plans.

If the business doesn't conform with what the government mandates it can be fined with some of the fines reaching into the millions of dollars.

That muffled celebration sound you hear is Karl Marx cheering from his grave at Obama's policies.

david jennings
david jennings 11/09/13 - 07:01 am

All we hear is how concerned the admiinistration is about everyone' health care, and they don't give a rat about the life of an unborn child.

gaflyboy 11/09/13 - 09:23 am
He feels the same about the elderly.

Remember what he told Jane Sturm about her mother? “Maybe you’re better off, not having the surgery, but taking the pain killer”.

Our liberties are dissolving before our eyes and many of us know what’s coming when Obamacare is fully implemented. How can people not see; not hear? Obama has already shown us what his plans are and that’s before the money to pay for it runs out. He’s already picked winners and losers in this. Big business gets a waiver, but we don’t. The unions got a waiver and are on the verge of an extension. It’s quite clear that if you don’t have millions to contribute to his agenda, you are a loser.

Ms. Lehn is correct. We need to abort Obamacare, but we also need to abort Obama and all the other socialist leaning and corrupt politicians and start reversing their horrendous policies and bureaucracies.

dichotomy 11/09/13 - 12:25 pm
We have let him/them ignore

We have let him/them ignore the Constitution....and now we have given him and his ilk the legal right to essentially decide life of death over each individual...depending on the budget that year.

Yes, Karl Marx is laughing.....and that thumping you hear is Nikita Khrushchev beating on the inside of his coffin with his shoe and hollering "can you hear me now".

All those years we wasted fighting Communism. If we had just surrendered in the 60s we would have already been through the collapse and on our way back to Democracy and a free enterprise system by now. I really feel sorry for our grandchildren. They've got some hard lessons to learn.

carcraft 11/09/13 - 12:29 pm
I have trouble with abortion

I have trouble with abortion but I do believe this mess should be terminated. Since it is already "alive " in this one instance I will support a post delivers abortion!

rmwhitley 11/09/13 - 12:39 pm
We need to abort

obamacare and abort/impeach obama.

nocnoc 11/09/13 - 02:47 pm
Abort Obamacare

We all know the Democrats support Reproductive Abortion.
But in the case of Obamacare/DEMO-CARE this would be a Party Abortion and that is why they cannot do it.

Wrong as it is, and many Dem's have privately admit so, they
cannot do it because the admission mistake strikes to the DNC
Political Platform Core.

They cannot do the right thing, because it would weaken, if not kill, the DNC at the next few polls.

Then the RINO's need to step up and give the DNC a quiet exit path for the benefit of the US "Citizens".

Quietly meet with the DNC leaders
Work out a low profile "Restructuring plan".

I am sure the Major media circles will turn a blind eye... They
have for 4+ years already.

This is how really politics works.
Both sides working FOR America.

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