Close 'Patch' and grow GRU

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Instead of expanding the Georgia Regents University campus to run-down mills in a high-crime area, how about closing the city’s poorly run, expensive and unnecessary golf course “The Patch” and using its considerable land for the GRU expansion?

The land is between the existing Summerville Campus and the Forest Hills sports complex, and near existing and relatively new dorms. A single campus bus service easily could reach all sites.

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countyman 10/30/13 - 01:45 am

I definitely think we need to look into selling the Patch, but GRU clearly wants to expand in the urban core. I think we need to expand the Aquatics center, and create something locally to attract families weekly..

How are the two Mills considered dangerous? The mills are located near Harrisburg, but not inside of the neighborhood. The Harrisburg neighborhood does offer some nice homes among the less desirable areas. The Mills are located near the bus depot(MCG Foundation plans), existing Kroger shopping center(redeveloped/demolished), bus terminal, Kroc center, Harrisburg, CBD, and Medical District... The Mills campus instantly offers the potential for gentrification and urban renewal. People can walk up and down Broad street in Harrisburg and visit the local coffee shop, restaurants, etc...

habersham100 10/30/13 - 02:15 am
Excuse me???

I don't figure that you live in the area of The Patch, ma'am, but I do. I'm not a golfer, so personally wouldn't be affected by the closing of The Patch. As far as "saving" the city money, you jest, right? In the 50-odd years that I've lived in this house, I've seen and heard many "save the city money" schemes and haven't seen a dime that was going to be passed down to the taxpayers.

I believe you mentioned that the land was adjacent to the new student housing complex that had been built out our way... Well, it is in the same county.

Somebody needs to remind me what the planned use of this new property is, as I don't remember. More housing? That would be okay, I suppose - if the proposed tenants could live with the noise from the adjacent train tracks where freight is moved, and the airplanes taking off from Daniel Field. If they used it for classroom space, that would sort of mess up one of the major runways for Daniel Field, as the FAA frowns on planes taking off and landing adjacent to classrooms.

Just some thoughts... which I expect to be shot down shortly...


Riverman1 10/30/13 - 06:53 am
GROOO has much land to work with

GROOO has much land to work with now. It appears they intend to trade parcels to consolidate the campus around MCG. That's has to be a 50 year plan. I keep saying the most immediate, logical and economical way is to begin hopscotching MCG and ASU roughly toward each other with a few exceptions.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 10/30/13 - 08:08 am

You know that within the next 50 years RCBOE will have to tear down the old Tubman Alternative School building. It's got to be a maintenance nightmare, and terribly inefficient to heat and cool. So that would be a good piece of land to give to Grooo.

Riverman is correct. Grooo possesses a glut of real estate. Too bad that much of it is not a good candidate for an attractive, tree-lined campus.

deestafford 10/30/13 - 09:20 am
There are ways for private companies to operate The Patch

in an efficient way if the Commission would just do its diligence and make a fairly simple decision.

The property should not be turned over to GRU. The mill proposal and Tubman sounds like reasonable ideas for expansion and consolidation.

Bizkit 10/30/13 - 02:07 pm
Turn the Patch into a NASCAR

Turn the Patch into a NASCAR race track-plenty of support in area like this for the sport (not me personally). Close GRU and return it to MCG and ASU. There fixed it.

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