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Recently President Obama and the Democrats claimed victory. What is their victory? This country owes more than $17 trillion and counting; more people are working part time or have no job at all; more people are on food stamps; and the disaster of Obamacare to the medical community and patient care continues.

If something similar happened in the private sector, a company would fire the CEO and those in charge. Yet, we keep the same politicians who promise to take from one group and give to another group – anything to get their votes that keep them in power.

We watch a few good men and women stand up against this, and they are called names, and their reputations are destroyed. When will we stand with these few good people and become worthy of all of those in our past who gave their lives to make this country great?

Joy Randolph


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Young Fred
Young Fred 10/28/13 - 04:09 pm
I have to wonder about bod

She/he refuses to address or even acknowledge the harm done by “progressive” policies. Quick to point out excesses of capitalism (as many conservatives have also pointed out), but refusing to honestly look destructive practices and policies of the left in the face.

bod – do you actually believe the state should dictate almost our every move? I submit the state already dictates far more than most are willing to admit, do you think the pendulum should swing even more to the left? If so, how far?

History suggests left swinging pendulums tend to get stuck. That’s when atrocities start happening.

Your stock answer will probably be along the line of 1%’ers, evil corps, and such. Again, I have to ask: how far left should the pendulum swing in your opinion?

myfather15 10/28/13 - 04:51 pm
Yes, I absolutely agree; the

Yes, I absolutely agree; the balances are completely out of whack in THIS Country and every Country!! (Read Amos Chapter 8).

IF, and that is a HUGE if; the tax breaks given to the rich, where actually used to create more jobs, I wouldn't have a problem with them. But I do believe many of those breaks are simply used to inflate their bank accounts; not for creating jobs. I believe in a FREE Country; but with that freedom comes great responsibility!! I believe in capitolism and the free market, but I also believe there has to be limits; I just don't trust mankind with those limits.

I certainly do NOT trust government with more and more money!! I think people should be free to make millions or billions of dollars; if they work hard. But I also believe "To whom much is given, much is expected". I believe more people should be philanthropists, giving when they have much. But I will NEVER agree that government should be in charge of determining how much or where their money goes. They should give to the charity of THEIR choice. Unfortunately, all to many rich persons; the charity of their choosing is their OWN family, and maybe a few close personal friends, but no one else!! They choose to make every single cent they can, but do nothing to help others!!

I don't believe people will be judged by how they treat FAMILY, but how they treat everyone, including strangers in need. Most everyone treats family well, so that's nothing special. But when you can do great compassion deeds for people you don't know, that's true charity!! Christ taught us to take care of EACH OTHER, not just family. He didn't say give to the government so THEY can take care of people, he said to do it YOURSELF!!

The government has ABUSED and lost our trust!! They are the most wasteful group of people on the planet, and there is NO BIAS in that statement!! How anyone can blindly believe we should gladly give them more money, is beyond me!!

This government has abused and lost our trust!! The government to COME, is honest, true, compassionate and fully trustworthy!! I trust HIM to instill a fair system!! I also trust Him to judge those rich people who their hearts. Whether they gave enough is up to Him and Him alone!!

burninater 10/28/13 - 04:34 pm
I'm laughing with you jtf and

I'm laughing with you jtf and HA :)

Darby 10/28/13 - 04:35 pm
"It's one thing to have a goal, and another thing

to have a plan to get you to that goal, and he didn't figure that out."

However, Cruz at least attempted to do something. Tried to generate some interest and outrage. That he failed is unfortunate, but he still deserves an attaboy for his efforts.

Santorum, on the other hand, did what he always does. NOTHING!

Bizkit 10/28/13 - 05:15 pm
I think I remember reading

I think I remember reading about Ron Reagan believing the "star wars" missile protection was already functional-early dementia with his Alzheimer's . Least he had an excuse. But now we have a president who obviously doesn't know what's in Obamacare-else he's a liar, doesn't know about Fast N Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandal, but now admits he doesn't know about our spying-obviously he doesn't read his daily reports that would absolutely mention such efforts-so he either doesn't read them or can't-or he is a liar, no one had a clue that the ACA website would be such a stink bomb-now this I believe that but it just demonstrates incompetence. It's just pathetic we should never have supported a community organizer with no economic, diplomatic, or real leadership experience or obviously skills.

nocnoc 10/28/13 - 07:54 pm
nofanofobama - Not sure how to correctly explain this

The Obamacare bill required votes to get either out of committee or needed a vote to bring it to the floor .

1 RINO did so after their Liberals greased his palm with about $400M in Medicare extra or exemptions? I want to say he was in a Mid-West state.

While he never voted nor any other Republican or RINO voted for the FINAL Bill. It is my understanding his vote was needed to suspend the rules, or something on a parliamentary process or procedure.
Thus allowing the bill to be present to the floor for a vote.

I am digging for the name as I type.....
But Google and other search engines are loaded with too much recent Obamacare hits to dig back in a timely manner to 2009/10 for the background votes leading to the final vote.

I'll pass you the name when I find it.

KSL 10/28/13 - 08:56 pm

Thank you for your tedious resesarch.

carcraft 10/28/13 - 09:45 pm
Nocnoc, I thought Pelosi had

Nocnoc, I thought Pelosi had a filibuster proof House and just pushed it through. Reid declared Pelosi 's bill passed by the Senate and reconciliation was used to pass it on a straight up and down vote!

Young Fred
Young Fred 10/29/13 - 12:43 am

I asked bod an honest question. I may have "placed" the question amongst my biases - but the question remains. I'm still waiting!

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