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Knowledge is a powerful motivator. The precepts thought of and known to such humanists as John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and John Stuart Mill should be part of the knowledge instilled in students of American public schools. It is valueless, for example, to teach students golf but not cursive writing.

One forgotten philosopher who should be studied by American students is Sir Thomas More, advisor to Henry VIII. More believed that “genuine and legitimate power” does not come from above (the divine) but from below – the community that is governed. Society functions as it should, according to More, when the government acts in harmony with the people.

The parliament of whores in Washington, D.C., and the American people have forgotten the concept and failed in their respective responsibilities.

It is up to a few intelligent and well-versed American citizens to attempt to redress the failure of the system. Those with the best educations and best critical thinking skills are those who will have to sacrifice so democracy in the United States does not remain in chaos.

Victoria E. Antonacci

North Augusta, S.C.

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deestafford 10/26/13 - 11:29 pm
I'm not exactly sure what the writer is getting at but to say

the power to govern comes not from God but from the people is contrary to American Exceptionalism upon which the country was founded. The Divine Right of Kings was that power to govern came from God to the King. Our Founders believed the power to govern came from God to the People.

The last thing we need is "few intelligent and well-versed people" to address the failures of our system. That's our problem now is the people in DC think they are smart, intelligent and the rest of us in flyover country are too stupid to govern ourselves.

By the way, George Washington was lamenting after he left the presidency that there were those who wanted a king because they didn't think we could govern ourselves. So, the concept of our system being a failure is not new. Our problem is too many people are uninvolved and low information voters who think our republican form of government is a spectator sport. Unfortunately, these people vote and the result is the crowd of cow-towers we have today buying votes.

If I have misunderstood the intent and basis of the writer, I apologize.

deestafford 10/27/13 - 08:23 am
In his book, "Visions of the Annoited" Dr Thomas Sowell

discusses how there are some elite who think they were annoited by God to be the rulers over the rest of us. They think because of their background and the "elite" schools they attended they know more about what is best for the peons. Guess who falls in that category? Right! Barrack Hussein Obama.

KasparHauser 10/27/13 - 09:46 am
Where's that in the Constitution?????

"Our Founders believed the power to govern came from God to the People."

Awfully interesting that this Gawd makes no appearance in the Law of the Land that is the Constitution.

Darby 10/30/13 - 11:05 am
"It is valueless, for example, to teach students golf

but not cursive writing."

If I may be allowed to nit-pick, I'd amend that to say that teaching golf to the exclusion of cursive writing is not valueless, but it is certainly counter-productive and contributes little or nothing to the educational process.

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