Furloughs hit many hard

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As a 25-year employee at Savannah River Site, I appreciated that The Augusta Chronicle finally addressed the impact of furloughs caused by the budget impasse (“Shutdown hitting hone,” Oct. 12). However, I do not feel that the examples given fairly represent the plight of the average SRS worker.

Along with Chris Johnson and Gary Driesen, who were featured in your article, the near-term impact to my family is minimal because of vacation I have accrued over my career at SRS. Unfortunately, there are employees who have little or no vacation to rely on. The unfortunate timing of this furlough has caught many of these employees with only days of vacation time left. They are not worried about a trip to Italy next year – they are worried about this month’s rent or mortgage payment.

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InChristLove 10/16/13 - 06:59 am
Thank you Mr. Ward for your

Thank you Mr. Ward for your letter. This is the point I was trying to make when I made my comment on the original article about SRS and the shutdown. Evidently my point did not come across as I would have liked since it generated another article politely scolding myself and another poster's comment. There are many families out there struggling to stay afloat (and not just because of the shutdown) and it's hard to garner sympathy for someone's struggles while in the same statement talking about their trip to Italy or using the time off to paint one's house.

Truth Matters
Truth Matters 10/16/13 - 10:29 am
I sure appreciate ICL's

I sure appreciate ICL's effort to clarify his/her statement. Suffice it to say many may understand how it might feel to have the point of one's comment misinterpreted. Someone tore me a new tail last week when I attempted to show empathy in one of my posts.

The only thing that I will add is that the article was about those two individuals and I don't know that it is fair to expect them to not tell their story because others have it worse. That does not reflect insensitivity on their part. Maybe the comments should have been directed toward the reporter begging for a more balanced account of the effect of the furloughs.

I think Mr. Ward said it well; the effect is not the same for all.

Be blessed all!

joenga1981 10/16/13 - 01:49 pm
Furloughs hit many hard.

Thank you Mr. Ward for getting the message straight. There are many working for the government or contracted that will TEMPORARILY suffer from the shutdown. I don't know about your situation at SRS, but federal employees usually get reimbursed after the "furlough" ends, making for a paid vacation. After 25 or 30 years drawing a respectable paycheck at that facility, I would think you all would have a nice nest egg for emergencies by now, and if not, maybe living beyond your means. I was one of the 4,500 laid off in the early 90's after working there for three years (a victim of seniority). Somehow the sympathy just isn't there.

Gary Ross
Gary Ross 10/16/13 - 02:23 pm
September 11, 2009

That's the day I got laid off through no fault of my own, after 22 years with the same company (non-government). No severence pay, no insurance, etc. My family had to face a harsh reality on our own. We didn't get our story printed in the paper. It took one full year for the government controlled economy to rebound enough for me to find another job! At least the furloughed ones will get back pay, so "somehow the sympathy just isn't there"!

Everyone should have something put aside, especially given the state of this country after 2008. To ignore this and continue to live paycheck to paycheck is the same thing as government dependancy. Do you really want to put your faith in a government that cannot balance it's own checkbook?

Humble Angela
Humble Angela 10/16/13 - 02:49 pm
The furloughed workers will

The furloughed workers will NOT get back pay unless they work for DOE. SRR and WSI are contractors, not government employees, therefore they will not get back pay.

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