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Government shutdown? What a joke.

If you figure the president’s pay with all of his expense-account luxuries – $569,000 per year – and the average pay of the 535 members of Congress – $174,000 each – why don’t the Americans who put them in their positions suggest that these elected officials work four years without pay? They all are millionaires.

Charles Mongold


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soapy_725 10/08/13 - 08:22 am
Amen. Amen. They tell us they were "public servants".

Amen. Amen. They tell us they were "public servants".

deestafford 10/08/13 - 09:24 am
I agree that some of the elected officials are hogs slopping at

the government trough. There are many of there who couldn't come even close to "earning" at home what they are sucking in as salaries. Those have skills that are adapt only at convincing the gullible moochers in their district to vote them in office. Classic examples are Shelia Jackson Lee and most of the black caucus.

Look at how many senators come to Washington with little and become millionaires. Harry Reid is a classic example.

Conversely, by not paying a decent salary we would loose some legislatures who are there trying to do well for the American people and are making monetary sacrifices by serving for a short period of time and going home.

The biggest waste of privilege has been Obama and his wife's abuse of travel and access to air force planes. One example was to fly as the only passenger their dog to MA for their vacation. This does not include the millions and millions spent on lavish overseas accommodations for Mooochele and her hangers on.

myfather15 10/08/13 - 01:05 pm
LOTS of wasteful spending

LOTS of wasteful spending that could be cut and WE wouldn't feel the effect so much. But that is NOT what Obama, Reid and Pelosi want!! They want it to hurt US as much as possible, so they can blame republicans and get people to vote democrat in 2014.

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