Is this really King's dream?

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Regarding Joseph Diggs Sr.’s letter “King’s dream unrealized” (Sept. 2), let me make sure that he realizes that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had no dream – he had a nightmare!

Voting should be only for people – white or black – who own land/homes; pay property taxes, school taxes and income taxes; and contribute to the economy, and do not sit on their butts and expect the taxpayers to support them. Freeloaders should have no say-so in what I am expected to pay and support. They are leeches. They should get off their butts and get jobs, support themselves and then vote.

President Obama is a leech himself, and does not represent the majority of taxpaying citizens. The Voting Rights Act was a scheme to buy votes from blacks for the Democrats and circumvent states’ rights – and see what a mess this has caused.

If you want to celebrate the anniversary of Dr. King’s speech then give me the same right to celebrate the birthdays of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, and have just as much news coverage as this womanizing troublemaker. They were by far greater people than he ever was. If the news media gave half the coverage to the rights and history of whites and Southern heritage as they do blacks, you would hear all kinds of screams of racism. Now who are the racists?

As for Mr. Diggs’ military service that he mentioned, he got paid for it!

As for President George W. Bush and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas not being at the anniversary celebration of the gut-wrenching speech, God bless them.

Don Turner


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Bizkit 09/27/13 - 10:11 am
Well watching the debt limit

Well watching the debt limit debates and the Dems basically with the ole Alinsky strategy of ad hominem attacks calling Rep anarchist, jihadist, etc. I can't believe every major news venue isn't having a hissy fit for such sad comparisons and use of such tactics rather than discuss the issues. I don't think most folks believes the govt will shut down nor if it did it would really bother them. You can only play that Chicken little crap for so long and people get wise.

chascushman 09/27/13 - 10:35 am
"But I agree statistics

"But I agree statistics demonstrate whites are more likely to be assaulted by a black. (40 times more likely to assault a white person-why isn't this discrimination being voiced?"
Bizkit, white people are so afraid of being called a racist they will not speak up. There is much more racism by blacks in the US than by whites. When blacks get a management job they mostly hire only blacks. Atlanta airport is a good example. You have to look long and hard to find a white person working there.

myfather15 09/28/13 - 11:50 am

Because that is exactly what GAD does is attack people personally, attacking their Faith, Profession, beliefs and just about anything else he can attack. He is constantly throwing snide comments at people, demeaning their intelligence, belittling their beliefs and ALL this, simple because they don't believe AS HE believes. It's ridiculous.

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